Patiala Babes 19th March 2020 Written Update: Mini is trying to ignore Neil and behaves all normal

Episode begins with Mini is sitting on her bed and thinkz if she is forcing herself on Neil? She is in a dilemma regarding what all is happening between her and Neil. Mini is thinking if she was somehow made her own assumption out of his actions and take the whole thing in a different way or meaning? If she has made a different perception of his every actions and words for her? She is crying on the bed and feeling very much hurt and dejected.

Neil is also sitting quiet in his room and thinking about what all happened in his house of Delhi with Mini and how much hurt she must be feeling right now. He thinks that I never wanted to hurt you in this way but I cannot even help the situation as well.

Nainbee comes there and suggests that even if you don’t want you did hurt her. She gives him the letter he wrote for her and Neil says how did you get this letter? She says I knew about this letter and what was written in it? She says go Neil she has already gone through enough in life. I don’t want her to suffer anymore and neither I want her present to get destroyed due to the effect of past happenings. Anyways, she asked him to go away from her life and never to make any confession to her about his real feelings. She says to Neil let Mini think that you never loved her and it was all about her one sided feelings for you. Neil listens to her and keeps quiet and somehow understands it is required.

In the morning, Arya is having breakfast before going to school. Rani is making breakfast for the entire family and she offers the same to Neil but he declines and asks about Mini. Mini comes out in open and behaves as if nothing happened wrong and Neil is shocked to see her like this. She sent Arya to school and

Neil tries to talk with her but she ignores him and he informed her that he wants to resign from his job profile from Patiala Babes. She asks him you can’t do that as per you contract details, you have to submit one month notice period to us. Neil says I will do serve the notice period cause that is going to be perfect for both of us.

Precap – Mini wants to know the entire truth from Neil.