Patiala Babes 20th March 2020 Written Update: Mini finally ask Neil to open up to her

Patiala Babes 20th March 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mini is behaving indifferent to Neel about his resignation topic and says as a boss of yours I cannot interfere in your personal life but I can suggest as you have to give alimony to your wife and kid then you shouldn’t quit your job at this stage rest you are an adult enough person and knows better what to do. He understands that she is not only avoiding him but also distancing herself from him . He is behaving like she is not at all affected but the thought of leaving the job is scaring her as well.

Neil comes out of the house and the words of Nainbee are echoing in his ears. He meets the milkman and he shares everything with him about what all happened. He advised Neil to come straight with Mini and not to pretend like friendship anymore. He says there is no point of hiding anything from her, I feel she is hurt which is very obvious so it will be better if you confess everything in front of air even if she is not interested to listen. At least be clear from your side and rest everything left on destiny.

Mini shares the incident scenario with Bobby in the restaurant as well and he says to her that you are making a mistake by being judgemental. He says I am a boy and a boy can understand the turmoil of another boy.

Trust me he has the same kind of feelings for you and I clearly witnessed it. You went there for just one day and made your mind ? What if he has a traumatic past like you as well and maybe he has a lot of things suppressed in himself which he is not able to keep in front. Mini gives his words it hot and then she remembers some moment yesterday which made her feel like that she needs to pay heed to the version of him once at least. Neil comes back home and find out that Mini is sitting in his room after switching off the light. Neil says I don’t think there is anything left between us to discuss or disclose.

Mini says even if you don’t want, I want to know what all happened in detail and for once please trust me and you will not be disappointed. Neel says to Mini I don’t know why you feel I didn’t trust you because if I don’t trust you then I don’t trust anybody. Neil says that after the demise of my father and mother I was looking for emotional support and at that point I met my ex wife. Suddenly I feel like someone is there who can fill my life with freshness and happiness. Without giving it much thought or time I got married to her and bring her to my house. A house where the memories of my father and mother used to reside. I feel she will fulfill the void in my heart and in my house and Mini is listening to him quietly.

Precap – Neil is talking about the betrayal of his ex-wife