Patiala Babes 21st January 2020 Written Update: Arya asks for an unwanted wish in front of all

Episode begins with Arya comes to the party of montu and invites the kids at her place to have a chat party and the other kids are so excited to be at the chat party. Montu is complaining to his grandmother that Arya is spoiling his birthday party.

Arya says I am not spoiling your party but you are not even celebrating your birthday party. All the kids went with Arya to her house and they are having a good time there with chat and pani puri.

Mini says to Neil whatever you are doing to make Arya happy is not right. You cannot spoil the birthday party of Montu like this and Neil says you don’t have any idea what I am going to do.

Neil requested Preeti to handle the counter of panipuri while he will be back soon. Suddenly the lights of the house goes off and Neil comes where we can birthday cake and says now the party will be complete as we will have a cake cutting session with the birthday boy.

He brings out Montu under the table and all of them had a great birthday party at the house of Minnie and also this party mended the differences between Arya and Montu hence they become friends with each other.

Mini gets impressed with the way Neil is handling dam full matter and also made Arya understand simple thing ok. Neil comes to Mini and says do you understand now what I am trying to say? Mini says are you somehow trying to flirt with me? New says that you have to tell me right, whether I am succeeding or failing?

Mini says I cannot answer this question as of now but you can keep trying about it. However, after the party is over, Arya keeps forward an unwanted demand in front of Neil to marry Mini.

Mini who is already angry with the words of kimo take out her frustration and anger on Arya and scold her in front of all.

Arya refuses to listen to her and keeps on saying that same thing, an angry Mini slapped Arya and she gets sad and runs away from there. Neil says to Mini, you really don’t need to do that with Arya.

Mini games some more and ultimatum not to interfere in her personal life further or else the consequences won’t be nice. She asked them to leave the house as soon as possible as the party is over now.

Everybody left from their while Mini and stands with awkwardness.

Precap – Preeti asks Mini why are the opinions of people are bothering her so much?