Patiala Babes 24th December 2019 Written Update: Mini and Arya receives a notice from society board

Episode begins with the people of the locality get together before the house and Mini comes there and everyone is telling Mini about Arya and she asks all to tell her everything one by one so that she can understand the matter clearly.

Mini asks all to wait till the time she had a conversation with her sister Arya. She says your grandson Mantu bully people and taunts them and he even call Arya parentless. Mini rings the bell and asks it is me and I need to enter the house. She entered the house and noticed Arya is crying so much and she asks her to calm down. Arya says to her I didn’t do anything purposefully and she shares the events with her elder sister.

Mini remembers her young age with her words and remembers how Hanuman Singh used to ask her to have the anger management. She says even though I used to get angry in my younger age but now I have learnt some tactics to control my anger and she even said some tactics to Arya as well and says do try this maybe you can manage your anger as well.

Mini says brave are those who can face the consequences of their actions from front. Mini says I am going to open the door and don’t get scared for no reason now. Mini opens the door and asks the family members of Mantu to enter the house.

Neil is asking the workers in the kitchen to do the work with proper attention and then he took a kebab from the tiffin box and says the taste of the food is delicious and Kurshid Miyaan says I am not a professional cook like you neither I use gloves while putting spices in it.

Neil says Yes I am professional and in the kitchen I want only perfection and best results but that doesn’t mean I can not appreciate the taste of this kebabs , these all are delicious and he eats one more from the tiffin box and goes from there and the rest of the people discussed that this boy Neil Oberoi is out of our thinking.

Mini is sharing the incident of the society and says they just didn’t pay any attention to our defense and all of them are blaming Arya as if she is the one who is at fault and not Mantu. Her grandmother says we got a notice letter from the society head and they are including this matter to General board meeting agendas. His elders are suggesting Mini to asks Arya to ask for sorry from them as it will not make her guilty but currently this is the most sensible thing to do and says rest is your call. She asks her grandfather if its is fare? He says no but sometimes life is not about fair and unfair but much more than that.

Mini says Arya is pinning all her hope on us, If we can not stand beside her in this moment then she will be heartbroken and I don’t think it is fair or right. Arya gets to listen to everything and says to Mini I am fine and still I will say sorry as the people over there will not agree to our defense.

Listen to me I know my Arya is best and she is fair but currently we have to fight many such fights for our sake and we can not lose hope. Arya says I know in the end we will win because my father used to say this. Mini puts Arya to sleep and is going out for a small walk before sleep as her mind is disturbed and she is in deep thinking about the words of Arya. She feels helpless and upset over the entire situation.

Precap – Mini and Neil meets at the streets and both of them are talking to each other and Mini says I feel two people are wrapped in one after seeing you.