Patiala Babes 24th February 2020 Written Update: Minnie reveals her past to Neil

Today’s episode starts with Minnie fighting for the right against her grandfather, grandmother and biji. Her grandfather asks Minni not to make Arya like her. He asks her not to tell her each and everything which she doesn’t need to learn at this age. Arya says why and shares her molesting story but her grandfather, grandmother and Biji refuses to believe her. She says to them that if she dies than also they will not bother. Meanwhile, Arya interrupts and hugs Minnie. Neil stays out and over hears the conversation of Minnie with her family.

Arya takes Minnie to her room and consoles her. Minnie hugs Arya. Arya then asks Minnie if she has any doll and gives her doll. Minnie recalls her dark childhood and tells to Arya that she used to have the doll but it got broken. Arya asks her if she is sad because of that. Minnie says yes and shares a talk with her.

Later, Minnie shares a talk with Neil and gets teary. She says she always wanted babes to raise her voice against Jatin for molesting her. But babes asked her to keep quiet. Neil gets emotional hearing Minnie and asks her to relax. Minnie continues sharing her past to Neil. She says she hates babes for not able to protect her.

Neil holds Minnie’s foot and tries to console her. Minnie’s grandfather says to his wife that Minnie was making a false story. Minnie’s grandmother says but we all know that Minnie never lies. Minnie’s grandfather gets angry at her and asks her if she wants to say Jatin was molesting Minie under his nose and he wasn’t aware. Grandmother says Lovely might have hide this truth from her. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Minnie tells to Arya that she is going to her school. Principal refuses to suspend the staff.