Patiala Babes 24th March 2020 Written Update: Mini matches her life history with Neil

Patiala Babes 24th March 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Neil is sharing story with Mini that his ex wife Isha other ones him in her life or wants his entire property bank balance and his house everything after her name.

Everything else I can deal with but she never let me meet my daughter which is just not done. I cannot believe that I lost the childhood of my daughter, basically I lost everything that I used to deserve as a father. From her speaking my name for the first time to her smile and her walking everything.

Mini asks him to calm down and relax that he is just at a saturation point of his emotions for his daughter. He says no matter how much a father thinks or feels for his kids he always remains as a third person between a mother and a child. He will always be a mute spectator and remains as a third person between them. He says it is really impossible to measure who loves a kid more ?

A father or a mother? Mini remembers how she used to suffered for the love and affection of her father but she never gets it. She remembers how much leaves to get excited for the first time when she gets to know that her father is coming back home and she can meet him after a long 17 years.

She remembers how she used to feel about her father and the mental distance she had with him which never let her come close to him or have any sort of emotional connection with him. She even had a talk with Hanuman uncle regarding this when he asked her will she pay attention or believe the story of her father if ever he opens up to her?

She used to cry for her father but the emotional disconnect and pent up frustrations inside her never let her go away from their mind. He understands the emotion of Neil but the difference is that time she was the victim and this time it was a father who is a victim of situations and circumstances. She tries to console Neil and gets lost in her thoughts.

Precap – Neil drags Mini close to him and both of them hugged each other.