Patiala Babes 26th December 2019 Written Update: Mini gives Arya a life lesson about fight back in touch situations

Episode begins with Arya says everyone is telling lies and framing me in this false allegations and Arya gets angry. Mini asks Arya not to get angry this soon and asks her to calm down while she will try to handle the matter. Mini tries to speak up but before she can say anything the society head says the decision is final already and she has to ask for sorry or else I have to do as per the petition paper signed by these people of the locality.

Komo aunty asks Mini to say sorry to Mantu and dismiss the matter right here. Arya is proceeding further when Mantu signs her to touch her feet and Arya is feeling uneasy and proceeds when Mini remembers how she has to ask for sorry without being at fault and she stops Arya and she says she will not say sorry without being at fault. Mini says I will not let the hope and courage of Arya to fightback die like this and asks Khatri that they are not going to say sorry and asks for an alternative option.

Komo aunty is suggesting Khatri to asks for fine and Mini says tell me how much fine you want? He says you have to pay 200 for damage fee and 200 for the treatment related expenses of Mantu. Mini gives him 800 rupees and says I am giving double because if Mantu dares to annoy my sister again, she will fightback and then if he needs to go for first aid again so I am paying an advance as security deposit.

Arya and Mini are sitting and Mini is setting her hairs and Arya is looking at her again and again and says you are a brave girl for real. Mini asks did you understand why I give him extra money? Arya says so that if I hit him again you don’t need to go for paying money. Mini says you don’t need to hit him I give him extra money for a different purpose. He says the first rule of self defense is not to hit anyone with the intentions of hurting the person but you need to make a situation so that he feels that you are not going to tolerate his bully like a silent person. She will fight back.

Mini reads out a story to her from her text book and makes her realise there is no respect without the fear of authority. So in a way to teach lessons you don’t need to hit the person but all you need to do is to make them realise they are not going to get away with it so easy. Arya finally understand what she is trying to say and says I understand and gives Mini a hi-fi.

Mini is dancing in the hall while listening to music and Neil is watching her and smiles to think what she is doing? She is dancing and comes near the staircase and Neil is looking at her with surprised eyes. Mini asks why are you early today? Neil says cause I am early today and he goes into the kitchen. Arya is coming back to the house while eating ice cream and says Mini is the real Veer Balika for me. I like her a lot and she is my hero and Arya goes forward and says if you dare to annoy me again then I will beat you more this time as my sister already paid extra money to the society head. Arya walks out from there immediately with Rani while Mantu gets scared.

Precap – Mini noticed the name of Neil Oberoi in the list of signature and fired him from the job.