Patiala Babes 26th February 2020 Written Update: Mini lodged an official complaint against Keval

Episode begins with the trustees announced in front of the press and media people that after doing an internal enquiry we came to the conclusion that all that fiasco that took place due to misunderstanding. He said that you can ask questions from the parents of Neha. Her father says to the press people that whatever happened is due to a misunderstanding of my daughter. Keval just scolded my daughter for being so disturbing.

Then she was asked the same questions by the media persons when suddenly remembers her childhood incidents and she admitted in front of all that whatever you people heard on that day in the school was complete truth. Today whatever you are listening today in the conference room is just a cover up by the school. Mini walks out of the school premises angrily and she comes back home with a disturbed mind.

Mini meets Kammo aunty and some other neighbors outside of her house who tried to taunt her about the matter of Arya, she said to them directly that we always pay attention to two girls and binds them with so many rules and regulations but I let go of such people easily and let them do whatever they want to do.

Mini entered the house and starts to break the crockeries when Arya stops her and says if you keep on breaking things like this we will become poor one day and we will have no plates to have food. Mini lodged an official complaint against Keval.

At night, Arya asks Mini will Lala uncle be able to arrest Keval uncle? Maybe by this time he is already in custody. Keval does a lot of chaos in the locality and in front of the house of Mini and Arya. He says with full attitude who are you you have no standing in front of me because that school trustees are backing me up.

You will never be able to do anything to me because he knows so many influential people in the society. Mini comes down and says to cable that you are actually crossing the limits now and I am just letting you go today by threatening you not to try look at my family and my sister. I will not let you go anywhere.

Precap – Neil gets to know about Keval came to threaten Mini and Arya.