Patiala Babes 26th March 2020 Written Update: Mini discovered a new truth about Hanuman and Babita relationship

Patiala Babes 26th March 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Neil asks Isha what she is doing here in the restaurant? She says to him please control yourself and be in your limits . I never let you meet your daughter because you have a problem and I was not sure about how safe it will be for her to meet you?

She does try to create a scene in front of all regarding Neil and Kiya but he stops her and tries to talk with Kiya but she is clueless about him and her relationship with him. she is not even talking to Neil properly and constantly hiding her face in the lap of her mother. Isha says to Neil how long you are going to suffer like this?

Neil says that is never going to happen ever, Isha says what is a problem in shifting back to the leave that is your own City and you own a house also over there, then why are you stuck here? When there is no one to call as my own in that city then how can I say that the city belongs to me? Isha says then what is so special about this Patiala Babes? Did you get someone very close here that you don’t want to leave this place? Is it because of Mini?

Neel wants Isha not to drag the name of Mini in the mess of both of them. She says I have no interest in taking her name, I just wanted to know about the relationship status of both of you. Neil asks her what did you want from me clearly? She says you know what I want from you? I want you to be with me and I want you to give us and our relationship another shot.

Neil is pissed with her behaviour when she says I didn’t come here with my own will. It is Mini only who called me here because she wants to talk to me regarding something and when I got the call from her, I didn’t deny the meeting. She asks Neil to bring her a coffee and also says till the time Mini doesn’t come Kiya is all yours. Talk to her and try to be friendly if you can. Mini is asking her grandmother why did you call Isha here as I never want to meet her.

Nainbee says the past relationships of a human being can never get away from them. Even if Neil wants to go away from his past relationships, he will never be able to do it. The reason is the relationships of men and women are very complicated and once you’ve got into a relationship with someone, you cannot throw the person away from your mind ever.

It is going to stay with you lifelong and even if I don’t discuss the matters about your mother Babita but we can surely talk about Hanuman. Even you know that how much we used to love his first wife Imarti and the memories of her never ever fades away from his mind. No doubt accepted your mother as his wife and even loved her also but the memories of Imarti never goes away. She asks him to check the box of Hanuman to face the reality of life.

She asks Mini to bring out an old box and asks her to check. Mini remembers Hanuman told her once that Imarti will be with him till the end.

Precap – Neil is trying to be friendly with Kiya but she is not talking to him directly.

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