Patiala Babes 30th January 2020 Written Update: Mini gets to know about Arya is misbehaving in school

Episode begins with Arya is playing with the kids in the locality. While playing with the kids, someone taunts her for being slapped by her sister and she pushed her in anger and at the same moment Mini comes there and noticed Arya like that. She immediately went to Arya and asks her to say sorry but Arya shows attitude.

Meaning somehow brings are in the house and wants to check the homework but she is not interested in showing any of the homework. Mini forcefully check the copies in her bags but find the home tasks are done properly. She says when you have done your task then why are you scared to show me all these ?

Suddenly she noticed school diary of Arya and finds out yellow cards from her school Diary. to get to know that Alia is behaving unlikely in school these days and her teachers are not happy with that and they are seeking the attention of guardian regarding it. She says to Arya that you used to be a great student and now you are resorted to this and leaves from her room.

Neil noticed that Mini is disturbed and tries to know from her what is the matter now. Mini shows Neil the yellow cards from the school of Arya and says that today I also catch her misbehaving with locality kids.

Neil went to make Arya understand that she is going wrong but the moment he starts to make her understand Arya refuses to listen to him and cut off all ties with him. In the morning, Mini gets up from her sleep and noticed Arya got ready for school and she said to her that she has made a time table for her in her room and she needs to follow it now.

Neil asks Mini whether she will go to the restaurant today or not?Mini says I will go to her school today for a talk with head miss. In the school, Mini gets to know Arya is behaving so unlikely these days. Arya was called in the school head miss room, she admits her wrong doings in front of miss but later got bullied by school students.

Precap – Mini noticed Arya is misbehaving with nil as well.