Patiala Babes 31st January 2020 Written Update: Mini breakdowns in front of Arya to see her changed behaviour

Episode begins with the headmistress of the school says to Mini that you have limited time to bring Arya on path if this behaviour of her continuous then we will have to suspend her from school. I don’t want a bright student flight Arya to face such suspension from school.

Arya comes home from school with Rani, Neil tries to cheer her up when Arya behaves rudely with Neil and says now I will not include you as well in my doll house. Arya says to Mini will you not scold me now? Mini remembers the words of her class teacher and the complaints she made to her about Arya, Mini gets upset with the behaviour of Alia and she went away from their without talking to her.

Neil at the night calls Mini to come out for a cup of tea and also discuss with her about the corporate lunch for tomorrow. Mini shares with Neil about what happened at the school of Arya and says her school teacher made thousands of complaint to me but I have nothing to say in her defence. She says I always used to fear that I shouldn’t let Arya become spoilt kid so that people cannot raise a finger on her.

However, today the biggest fear of my life comes in front of me, especially when I saw Arya behave in such a way. Neil suggested to have a heart to heart conversation with Arya because pushing or being strict with her own work as she is a bright student herself. Mini comes home with Neil and both wished each other good night.

Mini goes upstairs to make paratha for Arya, as soon as Mini comes at the kitchen Arya starts to go from there. Mini stops Arya and breaks down in front of her and says how much her behaviour is affecting her and says how their parents are feeling to see their own kids are fighting with each other like this.

Mini size to Arya I finally admit that you won and I failed to become a proper guardian for you and your behaviour us the proof of that. She requested in front of Arya to become good girl like earlier. Arya listens to Mini but didn’t give any sort of feedback. She comes to her room and sits with the family picture of Babita and Hanuman Singh. The words of Mini echoed in her ears and she also cries to think about that.

Precap – Arya says to Mantu in school due to her Mini was crying last night. She has decided to be like Mini now.