Patiala Babes 3rd February 2020 Written Update: Arya falls unconscious

Today’s episode starts with Arya comes to Minnie’s room and sees it messy. Arya thinks something and organized Minne’s room says good night to sleeping Minnie and leaves. In the morning, Rani tells to Minnie that Arya without throwing any tantrum got ready for the school.

Minnie sees Arya struggling to wear the shoes. Minnie asks Arya is she can help her. Arya allows her. Neil comes and asks Minnie if she saw what he saw. He says the changed behavior of Arya. Minnie says she felt the dame.

Ahead, at restaurant Minnie gets the order from the corporate. Neil’s assistant chef takes the leave and Minnie decides to become Neil’s assistant for the day when Neil refuses to makes the dishes without the assistant.

At school, Arya performs well and her teacher appreciates her. Arya tells to her friend that she has decided to become good girl for Minnie’s sake. There, Minnie tries to help Neil but does the blunders everytime. Minnie puts chilly hand at her eyes and Neil helps her. He scolds her for not doing any work properly. He asks her to leave the kitchen.

Other side, a girl makes Arya falls and mocks her. Arya’s friend supports her. Later, few girls tease Arya that her step sister doesn’t love her. Arya gets angry at her. Arya’s teacher calls Minnie and informs her that Arya fought with the girl at the school and asks her to come to the school soon. Minnie asks Neil to look after restaurant till she comes back.

Minnie rushes to Arya’s school. She sees Arya unconscious and panics. Doctor tells to Minnie Arya’s BP is low and pulse is weak. (Epsiode Ends)

Precap: Doctor examines Arya.