Patiala Babes 5th February 2020 Written Update: Mini and Neil shared their first hug together

Episode begins with Neil calls Tayin Bi to get some updates about Arya. She says Doctors informed us that they will keep Arya under observation for one more day. She asks him if he has some money? He says if I had money my landlord lady will not throw me out of the house.

He asks her about Mini and her whereabouts, she says she is trying to be strong in front of her grandparents but deep down inside she is getting broken and she has no one by her side who can take care of her. Neil gets emotional after listening to everything.

Mini is standing inside the cabin of Arya, she is remembering the moments of Arya and Neil with her and somehow is expecting him in the hospital. She turns around and sees that Preeti and Bobby both came into the hospital to check on Arya.

Mini broke down in front of Preeti and said I really need someone by my side at this time. The doctors informed her that it is a good sign that Arya regains her consciousness. Now we can observe her properly, this is good news for the betterment of Arya.

In the restaurant, the corporate people appreciate the efforts and the food items of Patiala Babes chefs and the food items made there. The nurse informed Mini that only two people can stay with the patient for the night stay. Mini asks Bobby to stay with her for the night and he agrees instantly.

Mini comes to the house with Preeti to pack some clothes for Arya and she gets emotional to see the toy of Arya. She is crying holding it close to her and Neil comes there at that time. He tries to talk with her but she expressed her disappointment for him as he didn’t come there for her and she is expecting him.

Understand her emotions and he just takes her in a warm hug in spite of Mini is protesting against it. She breaks down in his arms and starts to cry and says I was waiting for you in the hospital the whole day. Priti is going to enter the room of Arya when she noticed that Mini and Neil are sharing a personal moment. She doesn’t enter the room but calls for Mini from outside so that she can get alerted.

Mini comes out of the embrace and that I have to prepare so that I can go back to the hospital for the night stay. Neil says I do want to come for you and Arya even if you declined me. Mini informs Preeti about it and she says that it will be great for you all and Neil can stay with you the whole night.

Precap – Mini shares her insecurities with Neil regarding the upbringing of Arya.