Patiala Babes 6th March 2020 Written Update: Mini finally succeed in lodging an FIR against Keval and school authority

Episode begins with the school head gives out an opinion that you people are creating pressure on me and if there is this person loses his job then his family will become bankrupt and that is not a good sign thanks we have to be extra careful and considerate.

Mini understand all these are being done just to gain sympathy for Keval and his wife is being used for it. Mini says to his wife you are being used and exploited to save people like Keval who don’t care about anyone not even his own daughter or else he will never do what he did honestly.

Keval is openly threatening Mini to shut up and also asking his wife to come with him. Finally his wife raised her voice and says I know what is your real intention! However, you are being fired by your previous work place as well as you touch is small daughter and I know this time also this madam is speaking the truth and you must be at fault.

Evan tries to raise his hand on his wife but Mini stopped him. The mother of Neha Vinita, finally gets a motivation and she also accept the reality in front of media people and all in spite of her husband is not in favour of this step. She says I am that mother who is daughter is being abused by this person and we are forced to change our opinion by the school trustee. Now I am no more going to be silent over it and will speak up about this matter.

Mini comes home and everybody gets happy to see the news on tv that cable and the school trustee is taken into custody and a FIR is officially lodged against them. Neel and Arya arranged for a surprise for Mini. Mini gets surprised and delighted to see the decorations and balloons in the room.

Neil and Mini shared a romantic moment. Both of them again ends up having an argument with each other. Mini says these ideas of decorating the room with balloons are very bad and then Idea says it was not his but my Idea and you called my idea boring . Mini asks for sorry from her sister Arya while Neil is having fun to see Mini gets trapped. Arya is happy to see her elder sister is able to punish Keval uncle.

Preeti and Neil had a funny banter and Preeti indirectly is making fun of Neil that he is doing things to get someone’s attention. Kammo is giving 50% discount to her customers for celebrating the victory of Mini. Mini comes there to do hair styling and says I am here to do my hair blow drying. Mini thanks for the donation and says that your amount was really important and needed for us and I didn’t want to take money from my restaurant fund because I wanted to do it from the donation of the people who suffered these kinds of situations in their life.

Kammo gets emotional and both of them shared an emotional moment. Inside the house of Mini, Arya says to Bobby tat u did work of a hero bt still u wont gwt the heroine and she belongs to Neil as he is more bigger hero in true sense and everyone gets awkward in that situation.

Precap : Neil comes to have a check on Mini to know if she is fine. Neil is talking to someone over the call.