Patiala Babes proved out to be a progressive show in these scenes

Sony TV’s one of the most popular show Patiala Babes is produced by Katha Kottage production house. The show is always been high on content and it was appreciated by the fans from the very beginning for executive dose hard hitting reality society and life experiences in the most subtle and beautiful way. Paridhi Sharma and Aniruddh Dave who was part of the show before the leap gained a huge appreciation across the nation due to outstanding performances as Babita and Hanuman Singh in the show.

Now the show has taken a leap and the story is now focusing on Mini, the daughter of Babita and her younger sister Arya and of course Neil Oberoi, the head chef of Patiala Babes and the love interest of Mini. The chemistry between Ashnoor and Sourabh is being appreciated by many TV audiences and also young gens. Now the show is slowly proceeding with the love story of Mini and Neil and also it is going to explode the past life of Neil and how they both deal with that.

The writers duo of Rajita Sharma and Rahul Sharma did a great job in sketching the sensitive issues of society in a meaningful way in the show.
In this Quarantine period let us revisit the scenes of Patiala Babes which stood out as a remarkable one .

Mini and Rani discussion :

The show of Patiala Babes is focusing on two half sisters who are trying to find solace in each other after the demise of their parents. Where a teenage girl who is just in her early twenties is trying to adjust herself as a guardian of a small kid. I want to become a single guardian for Arya so that she doesn’t feel left out in the world. However the scene of Mini crying in front of their househelp Rani that she is not able to be a proper mother material for her sister Arya. The helplessness of an elder sister due to lack of experiences of life and also unable to perform her responsibilities is one hard hitting facts of life.

Arya confession on Abuse :

Nowadays, the issue of kids being sexually abused in their place, School or any other organisation has become very common and every other day we got to see search events in the newspapers for our locality. Patiala babes also had a similar chunk in the show where Arya is an eye witness of such an incident and how being a child she was unable to open up about it. This scene is very symbolic and eye opener where usually the elders of the family ignore or don’t bother about the opinions of the minors from the family. The hidden pain and fear of Arya will surely make you think twice if you have ever overlooked the very is and concerns about your child!

Good Touch, Bad Touch :

Patiala babes is known for coming up with the best solutions to the problems of life and the makers never disappointed audiences in this aspect ever. Mini,the elder sister of Arya is shown to teach her about the differences between a good touch and a bad touch by any third person. She was making her aware about what are the private parts of the body and what she will do if anyone touches those areas! Such progressive scenes are very rare in Indian television.

Neil on Parenthood :

Babita and Mini are the two most prominent characters of this show, who established the fact that moving out from a marriage is still possible even if you are married and have a child. However this time the makers decided to go for gender equality and show the same crisis for Neil who wants to go out of his disturbed marriage but wants his child to be his. We can see often that laws which are made for the protection of the civilians are misused by some opportunistic people.

Something similar has happened here when the ex wife of Neil misused the law of domestic violence and custody for blackmailing nail so that she can grab his property and everything else from him. The show has established that a father has equal rights on the child like a mother and if he is fair in his part of defence then he will get justice. Like the act of marriage, domestic violence, custody by Indian law is not gender biased but equally applied to father and mother both.

Family recalls their horrific past :

It is very rare that the family of a television show gather together not for creating drama but to share their life’s horrific past experiences and regretting some calls they have taken. Mini, who was fighting for her sister and her classmates regarding this child abuse issue, there comes a point when she thought that she should give up for the betterment of a family and her sister mental peace. In spite of giving encouragement to such thoughts, the elders of the show has come up with their life experiences about the same topic and shown regretting that they were not able to voice out for their own self.

It seems that everyone from the family has some horrific baggage with them. The most beautiful part is they showed that such abuse not only occurs to small girls but small boys too. We doubt any TV show has ever dared to put out such hard hitting facts.

In an era of 2020, social media, television and web portals have become so powerful to influence people. We salute TV shows like Patiala Babes for coming up with such good content which will make the mass of this country aware of what to do and what not to do in such situations. What are your favourite inspiring scenes from the show? Let us know in the comment section.