Pavitra Bhagya 11th September 2020 Written Update: Vardhan acts innocent in front of family

Pavitra Bhagya 11th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with everyone getting shocked seeing Reyaansh bringing Pranati in his arms escaping from sec raid. Mallika badmouths Pranati and Vardhan comes there through window. He acts like coming room and calls Pranati characterless.

He says he just saw the news on his room and Dadi fumes hearing it. Rhea says she can’t believe it as how could Pranati Bhabhi can do like this. Mallika asks why not as they are already seeing what’s happening.

 Rhea brings Jugnu who’s whining about her missing parents. She says it’s getting late for her to go to orphanage. Rhea asks her to fist take God’s blessings and takes her to Ganpati idol. She finds Reyaansh coming with unconscious Pranati and immediately takes Jugnu in so that she don’t witness it.

Maan and servants bring the sofa near and Reyaansh keeps Pranati on it. He tries waking her up but still she’s unconscious. Vardhan thanks that Pranati is unconscious and gets relieved. Reyaansh is about to take her to room when Dadi shouts at him for bringing back the characterless girl home.

Reyaansh stands stunned unable to answer and Mallika taunts Pranati. She asks Dadi to throw Pranati out of the house. Dadi recalls Mallika’s father’s warning. She realizes that she can’t throw Pranati out in front of Mallika. She reasons that no matter what Reyaansh loves Pranati a lot and they can’t take her away. Mallika gets pissed off. She asks Reyaansh to take Pranati to room.

Reyaansh is taking Pranati when Pandit calls him to take blessings from God. Dadi scolds him saying that its not needed now. Mallika mocks them to let Pranati take blessing as they may not know whether she would be able to take the blessings after regaining consciousness.

Reyaansh brings Pranati to temple and takes blessings with her. Pranati’s pallu falls on sindoor box and while taking it the sindoor falls on Pranati’s temple . Reyaansh tries wiping it and gets smeared on her forehead.