Pavitra Bhagya 14th September 2020 Written Update: Reyaansh’s confused feelings for Pranati

Pavitra Bhagya 14th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dada asking Reagans why didn’t he leave Pranati when he had a chance. Reyaansh decides to confess his feelings for Pranati to Dadi. Reyaansh calms her and asks her to listen him. Reyaansh says that if something happened there then their family name and business reputation which she built with so much efforts.

 He says whatever he did he did did for her and her house. Dadi asks him to find some other way to send her out. Reyaansh thinks that he found a way this time but wonders about the future. Rhea is trying to hide about Pranati to Jugnu. However Jugnu keeps insisting whether it is Pranati whom they saw earlier.

Rhea lies that she’s not but Jugnu is not convinced. Reyaansh comes there and reveals that she’s Pranati and asks her to meet her as she’s not well a bit. Jugnu rushes out while Rhea asks why did he reveal the truth. Reyaansh says that Jugnu is a kid but not fool and she would’ve somehow found the truth. He says it’s better if they’ve themselves reveal it.

Jugnu brings turmeric milk to Prahayi made it herself and servant maid gets surprises. Jugnu says that she wishes she gets well immediately after drinking it. She asks why didn’t she gain conscious yet but servant maid says that she’ll be fine soon. Jugnu checks her temperature and panics. Servant calms down her and says that she’ll he fine soon. Jugnu takes care of Pranati’s fever.

Sevant maid asks Jugnu when she loves her mother so much. Jugnu says that she never know to show her love but instead she wishes for her to get well. She cries saying that she’s angry on her and thus is not speaking with her. Servant maid says that once she gets alright she will keep on speaking with her. Jugnu asks her to wake up and promises to listen every word of hers and will never behave rude with her. Servant tries calming her while Jugnu kept crying.

 Reyaansh witnesses Jugnu’s love for Pranati. Reyaansh gets Archit’s call and gets angry. Maan asks Reyaansh why’s he so affected by Archit. He says it’s because he loves her and that’s the reason he couldn’t see her with Archit. Reyaansh denies the fact and Maan taunts him. Armaan asks him to stay in his limits. He says he may have loved her long back but right now he needs to listen to Dadi’s words and throw Pranati out of the house. They both argue and Reyaansh shouts at them and sends them out.

Archit calls Manav and asks him about Pranati. He decides to visyt Pranati. Doctor examines Pranati and says that it will be difficult till she passes the night. Jugnu worries and asks what happened to Pranati. Reyaansh assures her that she’ll be fine and Rhea too says the same.

Reyaansh advises if he should take Pranati to hospital but Doctor advises against it as it may increase her stress level. Reyaansh fills Pranati room with her favorite scented candles and notices Archit’s message. He says as much as it hurts he approves her relationship with Archit.

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