Pavitra Bhagya 15th September 2020 Written Update: Reyaansh confesses his feelings to unconscious Pranati

Pavitra Bhagya 15th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Reyaansh looking at sleeping Pranati. He says that he knew what’s her relationship with Archit but he couldn’t accept it. He says the world called her with all the names and today he realized what he thought was very wrong. He wipes his tears and holds her hand in between his.

Reyaansh says that what she didn’t do because of him. She left her marriage, fought with him and even came to stay with Khurannas for her daughter. He says she’s not weak but very strong. He says he can’t understand why he’s affected seeing her with Archit. He asks why can’t he see them together and why’s he getting affected by them.

 He says that he knows that she needs to be with Archit and she’s doing it. Reyaansh says that he couldn’t it. He looks loving at her. He says that she doesn’t have any right to look so innocent else he would be termed wrong. He accepts that it’s him who’s wrong who’s angry seeing her in love with Archit. He knows he wants to leave them alone but he couldn’t. He asks how could he do that. He asks her to wake up. He recalls their moments together. He takes care of her.

Armaan finds Maan lost in thoughts and asks what happened. He gives him drinks but he denies it. Armaan forces him to say on point but Maan gives him indirect. Armaan asks what’s his problem. Maan says that he knows what’s the problem but he don’t want to talk about it. Armaan asks him to speak out and Maan says Navya. Armaan recall about Navya.

 Armaan says that Navya is his affair before marriage. He says that she aborted with her consent. Maan asks if its over just with that. Armaan gets angry and asks what else he wants to do. He asks whether he should confess the truth to Rhea. Maan challenges him to do so and Armaan accepts. In return he asks him to face the after consequences of the confession.

Maan taunts him and Armaan asks if he’s fighting with his brother for Navya. He says that if Navya matters to him then he could forget his relationship with him. They both argue and Maan says that he needs to be careful before talking about throwing away and leaving. Maan leaves and Armaan fumes.

Jugnu comes to Pranati’s room with milk and finds Reyaansh sleeping with her and also the set up. She checks her temperature and gets relieved seeing her out of fever. Jugnu thanks God and admires her father and mother. She puts Reyaansh properly to sleep and covers him with blanket along with Pranati. She looks loving at their joined hands and wishes no evil eyes fall on them. Jugnu smiles seeing them.

Jugnu thinks that they both love each other a lot but still keeps fighting. She says sometimes she feels they are kids and not her. Next morning Pranati opens her eyes and finds Reyaansh sleeping holding her hand. She slowly gets away from his hold and Reyaansh wakes up. Pranati wonders what happened and says she can’t remember anything. Reyaansh thinks that how could he say her that she was caught in raid with Archit.

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