Pavitra Bhagya 20th March 2020 Written Update: REYAANSH PLANS TO PULL A PRANK ON PRANATI AND JUGNU

Pavitra Bhagya 20th March 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Archit saying that he’ll help her to adopt Jugnu. Pranati gets overwhelmed. Pranati gets Chetna’s call and gets shocked. Nupur says that they are big shots and they didn’t do any crime more than holding hand and rubbing shoulders. Armaan and Maan says that they are overreacting. Armaan and Maan strikes a deal with Inspector to escape from the complaint. Inspector is about to deny but Pranati video records it.

Pranati asks them to continue so that she can upload it in media. Armaan threatens Pranati using their name but Maan asks him to be polite. Armaan asks her to delete the video but Pranati says that she will not rest until she sends them to jail.
Armaan tries snatching the mobile and Reyaansh asks them to stop it but they doesn’t listen. He slaps them for misbehaving.

Reyaansh and Pranati notice each other. Reyaansh gets happy to find Pranati and asks if she’s staking him. Pranati insults him and his blood saying that they follow his foot steps. Reyaansh drags Pranati out and Pranati says Inspector that she will manage. Pranati says that she’s not afraid of him like the past. Reyaansh calls her Prani but Pranati asks him to not call her that. She says he has lost that right long back. Reyaansh calls it past but Pranati says that it was her life once.

Pranati insults him and Reyaansh says that nothing happened against her will. Armaan says that they’ve deleted the video. Reyaansh scolds them for intruding their privacy. Pranati asks him not to act good as she knows his real face and leaves snatch her phone.

Pranati lashes out at Insoectie to lodge complaint when Chetna says that he has already took the complaint. Pranati leaves with Chetna and Nupur. The come face to face with Reyaa6, Armaan and Maan respectively. He asks about Jugnu and she says she’s fine. Armaan and Maan scolds him for letting her go but Reyaansh says that theu found Where’s Jugnu and soon he’ll start his play. Jugnu is dancing

Pranati asks Jugnu if she’s fine. Jugnu says that she’s used to enemies. Pranati says that her daughter will not have enemies. Jugnu asks her to not call her daughter. Chetan says its her mistake but Pranati says that she’ll bring new shawls for her. Jugnu asks for colors and Pranati promises to get all that she wants.