Pavitra Bhagya 24th July 2020 Written Update: Mysterious woman scares Jugnu

Pavitra Bhagya 24th July 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pranati crying in Reyaansh’s arms. Soon she realizes her position and moves away. Jugnu wakes up and asks where she is and what happened. Pranati says that she is fine now and ask her not to worry. Reyaansh cheers Jugnu for being fit and fine and they both starts chatting. Pranati wonders what’s happening with her. She thinks that she never asked anything from God except a simple life with her daughter but now he’s there with her. She thinks that he’s taking care of her and Jugnu even when he don’t them. Soon Jugnu sleeps along with Pranati and Reyaansh sleeping either side of her.

Mysterious woman comes to Jugnu’s room and scares her. Jugnu shouts Ghost and the lady runs away. Pranati and Reyaansh wakes up and asks what happened and Jugnu says about someone entering inside. He goes out and finds the lady wrapped in a blanket and is marching towards the lift. Reyaansh runs after her but misses her. He wonders who it is. On the other hand Arnav sneaks into Navya’s room when Archit is asleep and shows fake care on her. She sends him away as Archit may come anytime.

Jugnu comes home and explains about the lady to everyone and Pranati gets worried. Reyaansh asks her to calm down but Pranati feels something off. She recalls seeing the footage and noticing a mark on the woman’s arm. Arnav enters Navya’s room through window while Navya is fuming at the fact that Pranati gave blood to her. He offers her drink and gets feared when Navya expresses her hate for Khurannas and they both gets romantic. Pranati tries giving medicine to Jugnu but she runs away. She complaints about it to Reyaansh but he’s involved in game and doesn’t pay attention. Pranati gets frustrated and shouts at him that she’s complaining him as Jugnu is only listening to him and doesn’t pay attention to her words. Reyaansh calms her and takes her to his cupboard where he has lots of chips packets. He gives one to her and asks her to calm down after leaving her hunger. Pranati admires Reyaansh for understanding her condition even without her saying it.

Jugnu is sleeping when Daadi comes there. She threatens Dadi with knife and makes excuse that she was fighting in dream. Dadi asks her to watch cartoon instead of action shows and switches on TV for her. In the meantime Jugnu mixes few tablets in her drink and Dadi leaves with it. Jugnu smirks at her plan. Dadi is sleeping when Jugnu scares her as ghost. Arnav comes there and Dadi shows him Rhea’s photo whom he met in party. She asks him to trap her so that they could control Bishambar. SHe asks Reyaansh to dl the same after the drama and they both agree. Reyaansh is working out when Pranati comes there. Reyaansh asks if she knew what’s happening and praises his Dadi for being right. He says that only money matters for his family while Pranati watches unbelieving.

Precap : Pranati and Reyaansh comes closer.