Pavitra Bhagya 29th September 2020 Written Update: Dadi pits Jugnu and Reyansh against Parniti

Pavitra Bhagya 29th September 2020 Written Update on

 Dadi takes Parniti’s phone and delete the voice message given by Reyansh. And then goes to her room and thinks of implementing her next plan with Kesar’s phone. And give Kesar more work so she doesn’t bother about her phone. Later a message comes to Archit and he is happy to see it. Archit tells Navya that he has found an investor for Parniti’s school project and has to go there.

Navya says but what about the birthday party. Archit says that this will be more than any party for Parniti. He calls Parniti and informs her about investor. He tells Parniti that this time he too will be with her in her meeting with the investor. Parniti says Ok and strats getting ready.

Jugnu and Reyansh make laddus for Parniti. And also prepare the rest of the party things. Reyansh asks Jugnu if Parniti has read the message. Jugnu says yes she has read. And then he makes the cake.

Parniti reaches Archit’s house. She tells Archit to get ready fast as they are getting late. Archit comes and says lets go. But then another message comes to him and he reads it. He informs Parniti that the meeting has been postponed.

 Later, it is learned that Grandma was messaging Archit by becoming a fake investor through Kesar’s phone. Parniti says to Archit it is okay and starts going from there. But Archit stops her and wishes her a birthday. And asks her to cut the birthday cake. Parniti says that she will cut the cake but she will eat it only with Jugnu. Archit says he has no problem with this.

There Reyansh and Jugnu are waiting for Parniti. Reyansh says whether Parneeti has really seen the message. Jugnu says he has asked this question 50 times. She says Parniti will come in a little while so he doesn’t have to worry. Reyansh starts losing his patience while Grandma comes there, to further aggravate the problem.

Dadi looks at the decorations and says that he did all this for Parniti but why she hasn’t come yet. She ask Reyansh to make a video call to Parniti to ask her where she is. Reyansh calls her. And finds that Parniti is celebrating her birthday with Archit and Navya. Reyansh gets furious and hangs up the phone. Dadi smiles and says how shameless Parniti is that she is making her birthday with that Archit. She also pits Jugnu against Parniti.

There, Parniti says that she has to go home now because it is too late. Archit asks Navya to pack the cake. Navya packs the cake and gives it to Parniti. She starts talking about her child. Parniti says people will taunts her for getting pregnant without marriage, so she has to be strong for the sake of child. And have to take care of themselves. Parniti says and if ever there is any problem, call her. She says okay. At the same time, Navya tells him about Reyansh’s behavior. And says that he has changed for good. Parniti nods head.

Reyansh asks Jugnu to dine. Jugnu says she don’t want to eat. Reyansh ask her not to get angry when she eats. But Jugnu says that what can she do, she is very angry. While Dadi comes there to provoke the Jugnu. And speaks the word against Parniti. Reyansh tells her not to do this but Dadi still bad mouth about Parniti. There, Archit’s car breakdown. And Parniti becomes worried about what will happen now. Episode end.

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