Pavitra Bhagya 31st July 2020 Written Update: Pranati and Reyaansh love story kicks starts again

Pavitra Bhagya 31st July 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pranati finding a piggybank and decides to give it to Jugnu. She comes to find Jugnu in Reyaansh’s room. She finds her explaining about her naughty works in school to Reyaansh so that they will throw her out of school. Pranati admires their bond. Reyaansh notices Pranati and signals Jugnu. Jugnu gets shocked seeing Pranati and fears for getting caught red-handed. However Pranati gives her the piggybank with money. Jugnu is surprised at her act and asks Pranati if she’s fine as she’s gifting her piggybank. Pranati asks her to study while Jugnu leaves mocking her.

Reyaansh asks Armaan if he’s succeeding in his moves and Armaan says that everything is going fine. He even says Reyaansh that he’s falling for Pranati but Reyaansh rubbishes it off. Pranati continues teaching Rhea while Armaan succeeds in winning her heart slowly. On the other hand Navya keeps calling Armaan but he avoids her calls and concentrates on Rhea. In the meantime Reyaansh too starts admiring Pranati time to time. He finds her sleeping on sofa and takes her to bed. Pranati wakes up and fumes at him. She scolds him and sends him away.

Pranati admires Reyaansh and Jugnu bond. She recalls their moment together. Navya comes to meet Armaan and Armaan sends Maan to handle her. Maan makes excuse to Navya that Armaan is busy and that’s why he couldn’t pick her calls. Navya feels relieved and invites Maan for coffee too. Maan by mistake sends Khuranas real address to Navya and she gets shocked seeing it. Reyaansh and Daadi gets happy seeing Rhea and Armaan together. Later Rhea and Armaan plays truth or dare with Pranati and Reyaansh. Bottle stops near Pranati and Pranati chooses dare. Rhea asks her to say how much she loves Reyaansh. Pranati goes speechless while Reyaansh leaves the game. However Rhea still pester Pranati to say about their love story. Pranati starts narrating her dreamy love castle that she built upon them.

Reyaansh worries that if Pranati says something wrong then everything will be finished. He interrupts and says that he didn’t live upto her expectations then but now they’re so much in love. He leaves with Armaan to cook and Rhea gets impressed with this. She says that Pranati that Reyaansh loves her so much and it’s seen in his eyes. She also thanks her for changing her thoughts on Armaan and says now she likes him.

Precap : Pranati and Reyaansh gets engaged in force. Dadi badmouths Pranati and Reyaansh slaps Armaan.