Colors newly launched show Pavitra Bhagya manged to grab viewers attention on its first day of it’s launch itself. The unique storyline of a flawed male lead Reyaansh and innocent female lead Pranati whose life gets drifted apart after a break up. The highlight of the show is not only the leads but their Kid Jugnu whose not aware of her parents. In the previous episodes it’s seen that Reyaansh sets out to find Jugnu and manages to find her too. Pranati is desperately searching for Jugnu and spots her with Reyaansh.

Jugnu strikes a deal with Reyaansh in order to help him with the fire accident case. They both leave in Reyaansh’s car while Pranati filled them6in an auto. They all meet up at the same tree which holds memories of Pranati and Reyaansh’s affair times. Later Pranati lashes out at Reyaansh to hand over Jugnu to her. When asks the reason for it she’s about to reveal they Jugnu is their daughter.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that Shobhana badmouths Pranati running away from marriage for some unknown child. On the other hand Pranati hides the identity of Jugnu as she feels that Reyaansh doesn’t deserve to know it. However Jugnu unaware of Pragati’s identity doesn’t want to go with her. Reyaansh backs Jugnu. Later Archit stands adamant to get married to Pranati but Pranati makes a shocking announcement that she wants to call off the marriage shocking everyone.

Why did Pranati call off the marriage? Will Jugnu accept Pranati? Will Reyaansh finds out Jugnu’s identity?
All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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