Pinjara: How will Mayura remember Omkar back?

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With each episode, the audience has been hooked to know more about this new journey of Omkar to find his Mayura. With new turns and twists, the viewers are really curious to know about what’s going to happen next.

In the previous episodes, we have seen the announcement of the winner’s name as Ms. Dubey, and Omkar wonders if that is Mayura. Omkar gets upset seeing its not Mayura as Nisha had come to collect the prize on Mayura’s behalf. Ashutosh recalls how he saw Omkar’s poster when he went to drink water and then he inquired about it and came to know that Omkar is the special guest at the event and so he stopped Mayura from going to receive the prize on stage. Mayura cries and asks why are they not allowing her to receive the prize on stage. Ashutosh says till Omkar is in Bhopal they won’t allow Mayura to leave the house.k Mayura keeps begging for them to open the door.

Omkar on other hand keeps feeling Mayura is around. Omkar comes to the temple and a lady says him to offer sindoor to the goddess and he will meet his wife soon. He picks up sindoor to offer goddess but gets knocked by a kid, sindoor falls in Mayura’s hairline. Mayura looks at him confused. He touches her face lovingly and holds her hand. Suddenly Mayura disappears. Omkar happily thinks his Mayura is safe.

In the upcoming episodes we will see Mayura thinks about Omkar and feels even though she doesn’t know who he is was, why did she feel it was someone known to her and wonders who is he. On other side Omkar is in car and smiles happily saying Mayura’s Omkar.

How will Omkar and Mayura meet again?

Will Mayura understand the unknown pull she feels towards Omkar?

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