Pinjara: How will Omkar meet Mayura?

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In the daily soap Pinjara, the new storyline has kept the viewers hooked to the show, everyone is looking forward to see how Omkar will finally win back Mayura’s heart!

In the previous episode we had seen while Ashwaria was standing on road Mayura and Nisha comes there and mistakenly Mayura pushes Ashwaria. When she falls down she sees Mayura’s reflection in her sunglasses and gets shocked.

Omkar asks the shopkeeper about Mayura. He says he had seen her a while ago and she already left for Indore in bus. Omkar gets very happy. Later its revealed it was Ashutosh who had asked shopkeeper to misguide Omkar.

Omkar says Ashwaria to enjoy her luxurious life and stop with the drama. He has only wife that’s Mayura.

At home Mayura asks for forgiveness. Mayura says she is very sorry and now dadi told her the whole truth but she had just given her some random excuses and not the true story . Ashutosh says they will do a party and asks Mayura to invite her doctor and Nisha. She gets very happy.

In car Omkar thinks about the way Mayura had looked at him . Mayura also thinks about Omkar and thinks why she felt some connection with him. Mayura thinks once she meets him she will ask him the answers to her questions. Mayura is standing on stool to fix balloons and falls but Neel comes and saves her in time. Neel stares at her lovingly. Mayura’s family enjoys their time together!

In the upcoming episodes we will see Ashutosh tells Mayura they will leave Bhopal. On other hand Omkar reaches Indore and thinks what he will say first when he meets Mayura.

How will Mayura and Omkar’s path collide again?

Will Ashutosh be able to stop Omkar or will destiny play its game?

To know more stay tuned to Pinjara on colors TV and voot.