Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: Will Omkar get successful in his mission?

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The popular TV daily soap Pinjara has been keeping audience hooked to their storyline with the twists and turns. With Omkar and Mayura getting softer towards each other how will Mayura react knowing Omkar has been lying to her?

In the previous episode Mayura brought Omkar to bungalow. Omkar felt guilty of lying to Mayura. Vishakha thinks all the love will be turned to hatred once she exposes Omkar. Mayura thanked Vishakha for having a big heart. Shankar told Omkar that Vishakha will try everything possible to expose him. Omkar said its good, the more she tries and fails, it will be easier for Omkar to expose her. Staff was about to drop hot daal on Omkar, but Omkar stands up. He acted and says he got up because he had forgotten to take his medicines.

Shankar deviated guards outside room by lighting some fire using aarti lamp. Omkar entered in Vishakha’s room. Vishakha sees her room door open and goes inside, they saw Omkar inside room. But Omkar started acting and Mayura believed him.

Omkar told Megha and Shankar that the photo he saw and asked Sanjay to help him. Later Vishakha planned a trap by making chandelier fall on Omkar but again Mayura saved him. In the upcoming episodes we will see how Omkar and Vishakha keep trying to expose each other and in the process both will be betraying Mayura’s trust.

Whom will Mayura trust Vishakha or Omkar?

Will Omkar and Mayura forget their enemity amidst all the chaos?

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