Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 10th December 2020 Written Update: Ashwaria has an affair

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 10th December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayura saying she didn’t go anywhere. She says she doesn’t understand why is he accusing her when she was here all along. Omkar says her when he wanted to keep her as his, she didn’t want to stay. Now she is staying here by her will then why is she going and meeting another man. He shouts at her.

Mayura justifies herself that she didn’t meet anyone. But then she says why is he being affected by her meeting with someone. Why does she need to let him know about it. She questions Omkar and he is left speechless. Omkar goes to room and thinks what had happened to him, why couldn’t he answer Mayura. Mayura on the other hand thinks why Omkar was saying she went outside and met someone. She thinks if it’s his new game plan to malign her character publically again.

Omkar is thinking about Mayura and thinks he will passionately play the hatred game. He is determined not to get affected by Mayura.

Mayura thinks the way Omkar was shouting at her, his anger looked genuine. She thinks what may have happened.

Omkar is still and talking to himself. It’s shown Ashwaria was one who had gone outside. She stealthily enters inside and covers herself.

Next morning, Mayura is sweeping the floor, Manjiri comes and tells her to clean up properly. While Mayura is cleaning the floor, Manjiri intentionally drops tea of floor and asks her to clean it. Mayura does it. Again Manjiri spills more tea, Mayura gets annoyed but cleans it. She suddenly shouts there is a scorpion. Manjiri starts panicking and jumping around. Mayura laughs at her. Manjiri tells her that she is seeing her smile but will take it away soon.

Omkar brings Ashwaria in arms. Ashwaria tells she is feeling shy when Omkar looks at her like that. Omkar tells he will feed his wife breakfast today. He keeps looking at Mayura. Instead of feeding her he points the spoon towards the cheeks. Ashwaria tells him it’s her cheek and not her mouth. Then he feeds her. But still keeps looking at Mayura. He thinks why Mayura isn’t getting affected.

Manjiri records Ashwaria and Omkar and praises them. While Omkar is feeding Ashwaria she gets call from someone whose contact is saved as Janu. She panics and hides her phone. Something spills on table and Manjiri says Mayura will clean it up. Omkar says she doesn’t need to do it. Then he says he will take his wife for shopping. Manjiri gets happy and tells them to have fun moments.

Omkar says Mayura she should come with them as his wife’s servant and help them carry things. They keep bickering.

While Ashwaria gets text from her lover that he wants to meet her. She thinks they met yesterday and still he can’t stay for while without meeting her. She texts him that she is going for shopping at mall and they will stealthily meet at same location.

Mayura feeds medicine to Sankar. He tells her not to go with them for shopping. Mayura tells him not to worry too much about her. She says Omkar wants to torture her but still she has smile on her face while Omkar is tensed. So she is still the winner.

Omkar comes there and asks Mayura to come with them and carry the things. Mayura goes with him. Outside Mayura is about to hide her scar but then stops and thinks now she is free from cage of hiding this mark. Omkar looks at her. Ashwaria keeps texting her boyfriend. She asks to eat ice cream. Omkar tries to feed her Icecream while looking at Mayura. Mayura doesn’t get affected.

Ashwaria says it’s her favorite Icecream. She asks him to let the Icecream melt a bit. He looks at Mayura and says but it’s not melting.

Ashwaria ‘s lover is there and looking at her. Mayura notices him and thinks why is he looking at Ashwaria from long. Mayura taunts Omkar saying ice-cream may melt but she won’t. Ashwaria says she has enough Icecream. Omkar throws the rest infront of Mayura. Omkar gets inside car and tells Mayura to follow them by running and not to be late or else he will again torture her family.

Mayura recalls past incidents and starts running behind the car.

She reaches infront of car. Omkar puts on breaks and gets surprised. Mayura tells him saree shop is here and even though he had car he still came late. She tells she has grown up here and knows all the short routes.

While Ashwaria and Omkar go for shopping Mayura again notices Ashwaria’s lover. She thinks if there is something about Ashwaria which she should know.

Precap Omkar is lying on floor and says he will die but not see Mayura’s face. Manjiri begs Mayura to save her son’s life.

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