Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 10th September 2020 Written Update: Mayura and family are impressed with Omkar

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 10th September 2020 Written Update on

Kundan calls Megha to alert her about Omkar but an ambulance passes by and Megha couldn’t hear anything.

Megha is upset as tent and decoration people backed out last minute due to health problems. Mayura says they are in Jabalpur not jungle that they won’t get any other decoration people. Megha angrily says she already called many but nothing worked as half the businesses are closed due to Corona.

Mayura asks her not to worry as all family members will decorate as they still have 8 hours. Mayura’s father also agrees as old times, family members used to do every work. All are ready and excited but Megha says she dreamt of a grand function, she will click pics and upload on Instagram, but her fate is such that she won’t get anything beautiful.

Now she has to compromise on her engagement. Kundan calls Megha, she cries and tells everything, he says he doesn’t care about decoration, he only needs her love. She smiles. He feels they are already worried and he shouldn’t tell about Omkar. He asks about Mayura, if she went out, Megha says no, she is busy with arrangements. Kundan is relieved and cuts the call bidding her bye.

He is at the hospital and asks the doctor about his colleagues, the doctor says he asked them to get admitted, but they were in hurry and left after getting bandages. Kundan asks how were they injured, he knows patient details are confidential but he wants to know about his friends. The doctor says they were tortured a lot. Kundan feels Omkar is not what he shows, there’s an evil side to him.

Omkar thinks Mayura family would be worried about arrangements and he has to do something, Piyush comes and suggests to go to Mayura’s house to help. Mayura’s family is sad for Megha, Mayura asks them not to lose hope. Piyush, Omkar comes with many workers to help them.

Piyush impresses the family with his funny talks. They all are impressed with Omkar too. Dadi says he would have many workers at his home to give water, but he is working in their home now, Mayura’s father says its possible only as he has a good heart. Mayura slips as ropes come in her way and is about to fall on lights, Piyush puts his hand on a sharp object to prevent her from getting hurt and Omkar holds her and asks where is her mind, what if something happened, he asks to take care of herself and leaves.

Piyush praises Omkar and tells Mayura that he was an orphan but Omkar raised him as a brother. He says if he cared so much about an orphan, how much he would care for his life partner.

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