Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 11th September 2020 Written Update: Mayura and Omkar to get engaged

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 11th September 2020 Written Update on

Megha is happy seeing various flowers. Kundan gets her message, everything is fine, Omkar came to help with their engagement. Kundan feels nothing is fine and tries to call his colleagues. Kundan meets his colleagues and tells they will complaint to police but his friends don’t agree in Omkar’s fear.

Mayura’s relatives say Sangmarmar Sartaj came to this small house. Mayura tells them to get ready for function. They tell her to wait, they don’t get Sartaj Ji darshan everyday like her. A lady says they rejected Omkar and sent him and his Mom out of this house. But still Omkar came to help them.

Piyush tries to manage the situation and asks if they are happy or sad to see Omkar. They say they are happy to see him but feeling bad for him. They say Omkar has everything by God’s grace but these kinds of things will ruin his reputation. Mayura is beautiful but he has to control himself. Piyush says Omkar they will leave now.

Mayura stops them and apologizes to Omkar. Mayura accuses them of taunting Megha from childhood, mocking whenever Megha’s alliances got canceled. They were not present when the bulldozer was about to run into their home, but today when they needed help, Omkar is with them. The woman asks why doesn’t she marry Omkar if she is praising him so much.

Mayura says she will marry Omkar, she turns towards Omkar and says she feels boy and girl should know each other before marriage, it all happened suddenly, that’s why she rejected earlier. But now she and her family know about him whatever is needed to know before an arranged marriage. She says he can reject her if he wants, but its Yes from her side. He also says Yes. Everyone is happy.

Piyush excitedly says they will do Omkar-Mayura’s engagement also today along with Megha-Kundan’s. Mayura and Omkar agree. Mayura leaves. Her family looks awkward, Piyush says he spoke like that in excitement. They can think about engagement leisurely. Omkar asks Piyush why he spoke to them after Mayura agreed.

Piyush says they will go step by step. Omkar calls his mother and says Mayura agreed for marriage. He tells her to prepare for engagement tonight. She agrees happily. She tells her husband that winning hearts is like a toy’s game and Piyush the toy did his work perfectly. She rejoices and falls down.

Her husband warns her not to be too happy as they will fall down in the future. Piyush asks Omkar why he told engagement is tonight as Mayura’s family didn’t tell their decision yet. Omkar feels engagement will happen tonight as he decided it.

Mayura’s father tells her marriage is a very big decision, it shouldn’t be taken in hurry. Megha says marriage is not like drinking coffee, she should take some more time. Mayura says she took this decision after thinking a lot. Omkar is a very good person. He cares for everyone. She says Megha also met Kundan only few times and got ready to marry him. She feels Omkar is the right partner for her.

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