Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 12th September 2020 Written Update: Will Kundan stop Mayura-Omkar’s engagement ?

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 12th September 2020 Written Update on

Omkar hears Kundan words, Mayura’s family come there and Ashutosh tells everything will happen as per Mayura’s wishes. Dadi says engagement will happen today, she doesn’t want neighbors to talk anymore bad, there are no good Mahurat’s till few months. Omkar says he will go and do Puja to prevent any obstacles in engagement, Piyush says he will look after the arrangements here. Omkar messages from Mayura’s phone that she can’t talk now infront of family and asks him to message in detail. Kundan says he has proofs against Omkar, he will come home and tell in detail. Omkar messages as Mayura to meet near cafe before discussing with family.

Mayura apologizes Megha as its special day for later but Mayura’s engagement is also happening same day. Megha says she is feeling something weird but she is happy for Mayura, both sisters rejoice as they are getting dream partners. Omkar’s man injects Kundan and kidnaps him.

Manjiri got all the jewelry and sarees for Mayura, her husband says two sisters are getting engaged today, if she takes so much jewelry for one, other sister will feel low. Manjiri sarcastically says he is right and orders to buy jewelry for Megha too as shouldn’t look poor in Omkar’s engagement. She says she wishes for Megha and Kundan’s engagement to not happen as she doesn’t want their disturbance in her son’s engagement.

Piyush hears Mayura’s talk with her father and feels Omkar deserves Mayura and Mayura deserves Omkar as they both are best.

Kundan is paralyzed for few moments because of injection. Omkar tortures him. Megha calls Kundan but its unreachable. Mayura is searching for her phone. Manjiri calls Omkar and informs him that she sent all shagun jewelry. Kundan escapes and runs out.

Mayura and Piyush have a chat, she asks if everything will be fine, she broke Omkar’s statue and rejected his proposal and now suddenly announced engagement. What would Manjiri maa think of her. Piyush assures her everything will be fine, and tells her to forget past things.

Omkar’s cousin comes with all the shagun jewelry. Ashutosh says this is all too much. He can accept jewelry for Mayura but can’t accept them for Megha. Megha also doesn’t want jewelry. Piyush says now they all are one family, Mayura and Megha are equal to them. They all feel happy and accept shagun. Omkar’s cousin thinks Piyush is very good that he sees good in everything, he doesn’t know what Manjiri thinks.

Kundan calls Megha while escaping from Omkar’s men, he is running and couldn’t speak properly to her. Phone falls down in between, Kundan hides. The men see phone and feel Kundan is near by and search. Kundan sees a bike and escapes driving it.

Kundan’s family reach the venue, his mother says Kundan will come soon. Ashutosh says they are doing Mayura’s engagement, hope they won’t have any problem. She says they don’t have any issues. Manjiri says they should not have any issues, she talks proudly about Omkar and talks low about Kundan but her husband manages the situation by greeting Mayura’s family.

He introduces himself as Sankar, Omkar’s father. Mayura takes his and Manjiri’s blessings. Manjiri waives off evil eye and does some ritual with Mayura saying it will remove her parent’s family lines from her hand and will replace it with new family, husband and in-laws. Everyone looks uncomfortable hearing her words. Piyush cheers everyone, Megha and Mayura dance. Suddenly black-faced injured man comes and falls down, he is Kundan but no one identifies him.

Omkar’s men comes and take him saying he escaped from the mental hospital. Kundan places hands on his name at the entrance. Mayura sees it and feels weird. Piyush assures her not to worry, they will pray for the man to get cured soon. He says her make up is spoiled a bit, asks her to do touch up and come.

Omkar comes and greets everyone. Kundan’s mother apologizes him as Kundan is late and didn’t come yet. Omkar says its okay, they will wait, may be Kundan got some important work. Megha is sad and wishes for Kundan to come soon. Omkar sees around for Mayura, Piyush teases him. Mayura comes there and Omkar gets mesmerized seeing her.

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