Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 14th December 2020 Written Update: Omkar gets poisoned

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 14th December 2020 Written Update on

Omkar is doing exercise and recalls how he had accident and Ashwaria saved it.
Mayura is talking to Sankar and wonders who dared to attack Omkar like this. She tells Sankar not to worry about Omkar and now he is safe. While on other hand, Omkar recalls Mayura’s threats and thinks about how she warned him before about taking revenge. Mayura tells Sankar she will surely find out who wanted to harm Omkar like and is behind all this. Sankar tells her not to think much but she is determined to find the culprit. Omkar thinks that Mayura is related to the accident.

Ashwaria talks to Manjiri and tries manipulate her against Mayura. Ashwaria say she never thought that Mayura will do something like this. Manjiri speaks against Mayura and says she will stand as a wall between Mayura and Omkar. Manjiri sees Mayura and starts taunting her. Sankar looks on.

Even Omkar is still running on treading mill. Manjiri tells Mayura to go away from Omkar’s life.. Mayura says even she isn’t interested in staying close to Omkar. She says that she takes an oath not to come near Omkar till they themselves ask her to. Ashwaria hears their conversation and smirks.

While Omkar finishes his exercise, Balli brings his protein shake. He starts drinking it. Manjiri comes with same bottle of protein shake and tells him it’s his protein shake. Ashwaria says how there are two similar bottles of protein shake? They get puzzled.

Omkar falls sick, something was mixed in protein shake he had consumed. They realize he consumed poison. Ashwaria starts rubbing his back while Balli rubs his feet. Manjiri cries vigorously and thinks she will call mayura. Mayura is a doctor and she will do her duty as doctor and save Omkar. She cries and goes to call Mayura and asks Ashwaria to look after Omkar. Ashwaria thinks once Omkar dies she will get what she wants and gets happy. While Manjiri is rushing towards Mayura, Sankar stops her and says why is looking for Mayura,sometime back she was taunting her and asked her not to show her face.

Manjiri still goes to Mayura and falls in her feet. She asks her to save Omkar. Mayura gets shocked and asks what happened. Manjiri says he consumed poison. Sankar tells Mayura not to help them.. He says when Mayura was begging them, they never heard her so Mayura also shouldn’t help Omkar. While Sankar and Manjiri are arguing, Mayura already left to go and help Omkar. She tells Balli to bring her medicine box. She gives Omkar medicine and makes him vomit the poison.

Manjiri tells her to save her son. Mayura says she won’t let anything happen to Omkar. But they need to take care of him as action of poison may be on any body parts so they need to Monitor him at night. Ashwaria thinks her plan hasn’t completely failed yet. In the room, Mayura asks everyone to leave and she will take care of Omkar. Manjiri is reluctant to leave but Sankar makes her understand.
Mayura is left alone with Omkar. She takes care of him whole night and falls asleep.

Precap Omkar recalls about his remarriage with Mayura and then the consequent accidents. He wakes up and sees Mayura lying next to him. He thinks she gave him poison to kill him. He leaves the room. Mayura wakes up and asks Manjiri whereabouts of Omkar. Manjiri tells he already left.

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