Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 15th February 2021 Written Update: Omkar and Mayura fall in the same situation as in the past.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 15th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Omkar telling Mayura that he wants to tell her the truth but it’s not possible. He asks her to trust him and not to leave. Mayura asks him what new white lies he wants to tell. Omkar holds her closely and says he cannot let her become of anyone else,she is his only. Ashwaria comes there and starts acting. Omkar scolds her and says why is there and pushes her. He says her not to make him angry and become the old Omkar again.

Neel gets location of temple from Ashwaria and thinks he cannot let Mayura and Omkar become one. He informs Ashutosh about it.
Mayura slaps Omkar and tells he is not even a human being. How can he be so rude and hurt his pregnant wife. Omkar tells her that Ashwaria is lying and they don’t have any relationship. He asks Ashwaria to tell the truth to Mayura but she starts her acting and says she will end her life and burn herself. Mayura stops her but Omkar says Mayura to let Ashwaria to do what she wants, she won’t even put a scratch on herself.

Ashwaria tries to act again but Omkar stops her. He says already once she had separated him from Mayura but he won’t allow her to do it again. Mayura gets surprised and asked what is he saying. Mayura says Omkar has no relation with her. Omkar says he has the rights as he is her husband. He tells her they had married twice and that she is his wife. Mayura says why doesn’t she remember anything .

Omkar says she always thinks about him and gets faints memories because he was in her past. Mayura starts feeling unwell. She asks why her parents don’t know about this and are getting her married to Neel. Omkar says they know it but it’s his fault as he had done certain mistakes in the past. He tells her that her parents want to separate them that’s why they keep changing the cities. Mayura starts recalling about how Ashutosh kept getting angry at Omkar. Omkar says he didn’t want to tell her the truth like this. She is feeling dizzy. Omkar tells her to look at him.

Neel reached the temple but no one else is there. He sees Mayura’s bangles and thinks where did they go. Mayura keeps running towards the cliff and Omkar runs behind her. Omkar holds her and asks what if something happens to her. Omkar says he is ready to ask her for forgiveness throughout his life. Mayura pushes Omkar away.
Ashwaria is hiding behind and hearing everything. Even Neel and Mayura’s family members reach there.

Omkar requests Mayura to call him lovingly but she again pushes him away. She is standing near the edge of the cliff and Ashwaria makes her fall down. However Omkar catches her hand while she is hanging. He asks her not to leave his hand. Mayura recalls flashback of the past incident. Omkar says he won’t let anything happen to her this time. If someone has to die, he will be the one. He says he won’t let her get hurt this time.

Mayura recalls everything. She says Omkar and says she has remembered everything. Her memory is back but she says its too late. Omkar says he will rectify what he did wrong last time. Mayrua faints while hanging from the cliff. Omkar lifts her up successfully. Everyone gather around Mayura. Omkar feels happy.

Ashutosh pushes Omkar away but he keeps smiling. Neel asks him if he has gone mad. He tells them that Mayura has recalled everything and now she remembers her Omkar. Neel says they need to take her to hospital immediately. Omkar thinks nothing will happen to Mayura.

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