Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 15th September 2020 Written Update: Omkar has a medical condition?

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 15th September 2020 Written Updateon

Megha throws the pot with thumbsup openers. She says she always heard taunts, faced many rejections. Mayura is crying. Megha shows the opener, which Kundan drank. She says this is the only thing she didn’t put in the box, but now Kundan also rejected her. There’s no meaning to her life anymore. She cuts her left wrist. Mayura shouts No and ties the cloth to her wrist. She cries and asks Megha to wake up.

Omkar is seeing all this and says they made Mayura cry, what if she gets dark circles. Mayura’s parents knock the door, she opens and everyone cry. Mayura prays to god. Doctor treats Megha. He says cut is not deep, she will get fine soon. Doctor says he has to inform police as its is suicide case.

 Dadi requests him not to do so as their girl’s reputation will spoil. Doctor doesn’t agree, Mayura also requests him, Omkar comes and says he won’t complain police. Omkar says last month, a mistake happened in their hospital but its not informed to police, they gave a chance to redeem, here also a mistake happened but they are good people. Doctor agrees and leaves.

Omkar feels thank god nothing happened to Megha, otherwise it will disturb their wedding and Mayura will feel sad. Mayura thanks Omkar, Omkar says he didn’t help her, he helped himself. They all are his family. Mayura asks how did he know about Megha. Piyush asks the same as they came immediately.

 Omkar says his people who work at hospital told him as they heard doctor’s words. Mayura says doctor was at home when she called, Omkar again lies that doctor has a clinic at home. He says he will do Puja at Narmada ghat for everyone’s peace and happiness. He leaves.

Manjiri is waiting for Omkar’s medical reports. A worker is bringing them but collides with Piyush on the way. Manjiri gets tensed and thinks Piyush shouldn’t see those papers. She comes and stops him from seeing papers by shouting. She sees the reports sadly and feels no one should get to know this. She hides them safely in locker.

Megha comes into conscious, Mayura hugs her and calls everyone saying Megha woke up. They all come and get happy. Dadi says they should be happy as they got rid of a bad person like Kundan. Dadi says she will waive off evil eye. Mayura asks what is the need of it as doctor gave medicines.

 Dadi explains its importance. Mayura says she will waive off evil eye for Megha as she loves Megha the most. She starts doing and wishes for all problems to go away from Megha’s life and only happiness remains. But Megha throws away the plate and accuses Mayura.

Omkar and Piyush have a game, they challenge each other. Omkar says he has to do wedding arrangements if he loses. Piyush says he will do it happily but he won’t loose. Piyush is dominating the game but loses intentionally to make Omkar win. Omkar’s father observes it.

Omkar reminds about wedding arrangements, Piyush asks about Megha. Omkar says sun raised asusual and earth is revolving around sun usually. All the needed things have to happen, his marriage also has to happen. Omkar’s father comes to Piyush after Omkar left and asks why did he loose intentionally. He says his win is in Omkar’s win and his loss is in Omkar’s loss. Omkar’s father advises him its necessary to show others their loss sometimes.

Megha continues accusing Mayura even though her family try to show her sense, they say its not Mayura’s fault at all. Megha says its not her fault also. She leaves. Mayura says only she knows the problems she faced because of her beauty and says she knows what to do now.

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