Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 16th April 2021 Written Update: Maya is revealed as Mayura to the world.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 16th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Omkar reaching the venue of fashion show. He stands aside and watches Vishakha talking to Maya. He thinks he has to see who is this Maya who has made his life difficult. Omkar tries to take a peek at Maya who is with Vishakha but turns out it was someone else. Vishakha sees Omkar and talks to him. He says he had seen Maya coming with her, where is she.

At Mayura’s home, Asutosh asks Sanjay to take Megha with him. Megha tells she wants to stay there and asks to call Sulekha. However dadi and Asutosh request Sanjay to take her back so he does the same. Asutosh worries about Mayura. Vishakha asks Omkar if he is very eager to meet Maya. She taunts him for losing twice from Maya. Omkar tells he knows reason of Maya’s success is her. She introduces herself as Vishakha but Omkar tells she doesn’t want to know her name, he asks where is Maya and whats her relationship with her. Vishakha calls guards and says Omkar wants to meet Maya.

Megha comes to Omkar’s house and forcefully enters when guards try to stop her. Manjiri scolds and her tells her to leave but she pushes Manjiri and runs inside a room and locks it. Manjiri says its her room and asks her to come out but Megha says she won’t come out till Omkar comes and talks to her. Vishakha makes Omkar sit with her in a room. He gets annoyed and says he doesn’t want to play Antakshari with her but wants to meet Maya. Vishakha switches on television where live broadcast of charity fashion show is going on. Ashutosh says Nisha has sent some link. Dadi says Mayura had taught her to open such links. Ashutosh says its some modelling link and Nisha might have sent by mistake.

Vishakha tells its time to meet Maya. Mayura walks on the stage and reveals her face. Omkar gets stunned to see and wonders if Mayura removed her scar. Even Asutosh watches the show. Omkar recalls all the warnings Mayura had given him about winning Tara back. Omkar lights matchstick and burns the television. But gets shocked to see another television behind him. He gets hysteric and Vishakha laughs at him. Dadi and Ashutosh gets very happy seeing Mayura and pray she gets successful in whatever she has been planning.

Vishakha taunts Omkar badly and makes fun of him. Omkar tells Vishakha that she should control her language. He is not saying her much as she is woman. However Vishakha asks him if he considers that fact as he had kept a woman captivated in cage. She tells him his attitude will burn in the fire he has started. She tells him now Maya urf Mayura will finish him. Maya confidently speech about way females are treated by society. She says if a female is judged on her beauty, it turns a curse for them. She tells now beauty and characters of a girl will become a boon for them. She tells all the income from her show will be donated for the women who wants to get freedom from various prisons of life. She says women no more need to go through any tortures instead its time to teach men a lesson and give them punishment for their crimes.

Omkar again asks Vishakha about where is Mayura. Vishakha tells him she is prepared well and not afraid of him. Omkar tells her soon she will get afraid of him. Vishakha gets a text and Omkar tells her not only her office but he will burn down her whole life. The episode ends on his face.

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