Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 16th September 2020 Written Update: Megha to marry Sanjay

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 16th September 2020 Written Update on

Piyush shows wedding card samples to Omkar and Manjiri. Its made with marble. They like it. Mayura comes with her father and tells Omkar to leave date column empty. She says the card is good, she wants to marry him but she can’t do it till her sister Megha gets married. She can’t be happy and marry when her sister is so sad and lost all hopes. Mayura looks towards Piyush, he nods as a support.

Her father also requests them to postpone wedding, he is overwhelmed seeing younger sister’s love for elder sister. Mayura asks Omkar to speak something, Manjiri says there’s very less difference between self-respect and ego. She says Mayura loves saying No, what if Omkar take her No as Yes one day. Omkar is still silent. Mayura and her father leave sadly. Mayura cries saying she hurt everyone’s heart, Megha, Omkar. He consoles her.

Omkar is angry and throws the card, Piyush bends down and card is broken hitting wall. Omkar throws chairs and says he doesn’t want any invitations, rituals. He will marry Mayura tonight at Narmada Ghat. He will recite mantras himself. Piyush is shocked hearing this.

Manjiri comes and sends Piyush out. She calms Omkar down and asks him to give her time till sunset, she will set everything. He agrees. She sees Piyush and manipulates him saying Lord Shiv also does tandav when angry. Omkar’s anger is also like that. Piyush says he understands but forceful marriage is not done. Manjiri says he just said in anger, he won’t do anything such.

Mayura hugs sleeping Megha. Megha is awake, she thinks she tried a lot not to hate Mayura’s beauty, but she is done being crybaby, she tried not to be jealous but she can’t help it now. She thinks to ruin Mayura’s happiness. She sees Mayura’s ring and thinks she will marry first even though Mayura wore the ring.

Omkar comes Mayura’s home with Shagun. He brought an alliance for Megha. Manjiri, Sanjay, Piyush come. Manjiri says Sanjay is her brother’s son, he is like elder brother to Omkar. He completed M.Tech, Sanjay says he knows everything that happened, there’s no fault of Megha. He promises to be a good husband.

Mayura’s family are happy and agree for the relation. Omkar says Mehendi, Haldi will happen today and both the couples will marry tomorrow. Everyone agree. Mayura feels Megha is happy as she agreed for the relation. Later, Mayura and Omkar have a romantic moment and Megha sees them angrily. She thinks to use the relation she got to her advantage and will ruin Mayura’s happiness.

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