Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 17th December 2020 Written Update : Omkar and Mayura get intoxicated and romantic

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 17th December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayura running behind Omkar. He asks her why is she following him. She says if he has problem, they can turn around and then Omkar will be infront and Mayura will be behind him. Omkar gets annoyed and says they have different paths and tells her to go away.

Mayura thinks Omkar will make her roam in the whole jungle. Manjiri and Shankar are trying to find Omkar and Mayura. Shankar calls Mayura while Manjiri calls out for Omkar. Ashwaria goes away inside in the forest and calls Manish there. They plan to excute their plans and get all the property of Omkar.

Manjiri says where did Ashwaria go as she was with them sometime back.

In the jungle, Omkar tells Mayura again to go away. He taunts her and says why is she so persistent. Mayura thinks his life is in danger so she must not leave him alone. She finds some tribal people and asks them for help. She says her husband is upset with her so she pleads them to help her. They say they know Sartaj and had worked in his factory. They will definitely help her. They go and plead Omkar to stay there.

Omkar kindly denies. Mayura comes there and says him to agree as they are requesting him so much. He finally agrees. They dress in tribal attire. The tribal community people offers them some drinks and say something they need to get intoxicated to understand things better. They tell Mayura and Omkar to drink it as it will help them come closer. They both drink it and gets intoxicated.

Omkar starts smiling and looks romantically at Mayura. He calls her my Mayura. She gets happily surprised. She says he has called her like this after so long. Romantic song plays and Mayura starts dancing romantically. Omkar comes closer to Mayura and tells her she is very beautiful. He tells she is most beautiful one in the whole world. Mayura says how can he say so even after she has the mark on her face.

Omkar again holds her face and says he can again say the same. He even kisses her mark on the cheek. They start recalling their old moments. Omkar gets closer to Mayura and holds her. Mayura also kisses him on the cheek. While they were dancing, Ashwaria tries to attack Omkar but he gets saved again. Ashwaria says Mayura keeps saving Omkar. They think where did Mayura go with Omkar.

In the jungle, Omkar and Mayura gets emotional. Omkar tells Mayura he loved her so much. Mayura says even she trusted him and married her but he changed. She tells him it hurt her more when he broke her trust than when he gave her the mark.

Precap : Mayura tells Omkar she will forget all the hatred if Omkar accepts that he feels guilty of giving her the mark. Omkar answers something to Mayura.

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