Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 18th December 2020 Written Update: Mayura and Omkar get closer

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 18th December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayura saying Omkar that she used to love him a lot, she will forget everything in a while if he tells that he regrets giving her the scar. Omkar is about to say something when he gets attacked by an arrow at his back. Mayura shouts Omkar and gets shocked. Mayura pulls the arrow out. Ashwaria and Manish see from a distance and thinks why nothing happened to Omkar.

Omkar starts shouting who threw the arrow and that too from back. He tells them to come out but Ashwaria and Manish hides. Mayura also starts shouting who hit the arrow. They start acting weirdly due to being intoxicated. Omkar says what if he had got hurt and start bleeding and shouts again for the attackers to come out. Mayura tells him to calm down. She shows him arrow and says there is no blood on it and he didn’t even feel any pain. She says she can take such hundreds to arrows to protect him.

Till Mayura is there nothing can happen to Omkar. Then Omkar says that now he got attacked by arrow how is it possible that it didn’t bleed nor did it hurt. Mayura says she had seen he got attacked by arrow before so she became alert. Omkar praises her calling My Mayura. Ashwaria and Manish get annoyed due to their plan failing.

Mayura recalls how she forced Omkar to wear hay ropes under his shirt which protected him from the arrow. Ashwaria tries to attack him again. But in meanwhile Omkar and Mayura disappear somewhere.. In the jungle Omkar and Mayura playfully hit each other and get romantic. They say they hit each other and both fall down and hold each other lovingly. They seem happy spending time with each other. They get romantic while tere liye plays. They get closer and finally sleep together holding each other.

In morning Omkar wakes up and sees himself sleeping close to Mayura holding her. He thinks how is he sleeping here. He recalls the incidents where Mayura saved him in jungle and then them meeting the tribal people but he cannot recall what happened later. Omkar feels frustrated as he cannot remember anything. He tries to get up but his shirt gets tangled in her Mangalsutra.

Mayura in her sleep keeps calling Omkar. Omkar sees sunlight falling on her face and feels weak for her but then he thinks let sunlight fall, he will not get affected. Mayura keeps murmuring about Omkar and says she slept so peacefully after long time. She wakes up and thinks why she cannot recall anything. She sees torn jacket and those hay ropes she had made Omkar wear and thinks someone had attacked.

Tribal man comes and gives Omkar his phone. Mayura also comes there. Omkar blames her again. They start arguing again. Omkar tells her to leave his life. Manjiri and Sankar reaches there. Manjiri starts attacking Mayura but Omkar stops her saying he wants to end all this.
Manjiri tells ok and says all she wants is Omkar’s happiness.

Ashwaria comes there and starts her acting. Manjiri says Omkar won’t go anywhere and gives him protection cover that guruji had given him. Omkar thinks why he can’t stop looking at Mayura, even though he hates her why can’t he show it to her. Omkar tells Manjiri he will go to resort with Ashwaria. But Manjiri says him against this. Omkar doesn’t agree to her.
Precap Ashwaria meets Manish and makes new plan. Mayura overhears them and goes to inform the Same to Omkar.

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