Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 18th February 2021 Written Update: Omkar fills Mayura’s hairline and makes her wear mangalsutra

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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Spoiler How will Omkar marry Mayura again

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 18th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neel trying to attack Omkar but his security stops him. Neel taunts Omkar and asks him to fight alone. Omkar says it was Neel who had called security first so now he called them too. Mayura asks Omkar why is he stooping so low, Omkar says Mayura why is she pretending not to remember him and their relationship. He ties Mayura’s hands and forcefully makes her sit for the puja.

Ashutosh tells that this is not puja but a sin. However Omkar tells priest to continue. Puja is done and Omkar asks priest to bless them as a couple. Mayura looks on and tries to get up but Omkar stops her and says her empty hairline and neck doesn’t look good. Neel thinks he cannot let Omkar spoil his plans so easily.

Omkar tells he is just filling sindoor in his wife’s hairline. Mayura shouts at hik and asks what is he doing. Omkar says its her who is doing wrong by denying their relationship even after she remembers everything. Omkar makes her wear the mangalsutra and sindoor. Omkar requests her to once accept that she remembers their relation. However Mayura thinks that Omkar is still the same stubborn he was and can never change. She asks Omkar to leave her hand, Omkar shows that he has already left her hand. Mayura scolds Omkar and leaves from the temple.

Mayura comes to her room and tries to remove the sindoor and cries very badly. Ashutosh and Neel asks her if she is fine. They think they need to get rid of Omkar permanently. Mayura says she has a plan. She says only one who can defeat Omkar is he himself. So to defeat him, they need to think like him. Later at night, Neel and Mayura ( with her face covered) are going somewhere but Omkar comes and stops them. He says he won’t let him take his Mayura away from him.

However, he finds out that Neel had fooled him and it was Nisha who was their in Mayura’s saree..Omkar asks Neel where is Mayura, Neel taunts him and hands over the letter written by Mayura. She had written that she is going far from him and that he should forget her. Omkar thinks Mayura cannot go away from him. Omkar asks Balli it has been three days and still his men could not find Mayura’s whereabouts. Balli assures him that he will find her soon and drops Omkar outside the temple. Omkar picks up a piece of marble and again deepens the line he had drawn on his palm. It bleeds badly. Someone calls Omkar.

At Mayura’s home, Neel says Omkar can never find out where Mayura is. Its revealed that Mayura is still at home. Mayura says now Omkar will find her everywhere but not at home. Neel again tries to brainwash Mayura against Omkar and tells her to sign divorce papers if she wants to get rid of Omkar.

He tries ti blackmail her emotionally using her family’s safety. Mayura is still hesitant to sign the papers . Neel thinks once she signs the papers she will go away from Omkar forever. Mayura is about to sign the papers but there is a knock at door which startles her and she drops the pen.

Police come and says Omkar is missing. Neel says this must be planned by Omkar. Shankar comes and cries. He says Omkar is really missing, he says Omkar had gone to temple but till now didn’t return nor is his phone reachable. Ashutosh says him that he will inform him if they come to know about Mayura. Neel says all this must be planned by Omkar. Mayura hears everything and thinks if its a game plan or Omkar is really in trouble.

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