Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 18th January 2021 Written Update: Omkar meets Mayura at the hospital.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 18th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Omkar leaving from Mayura’s home place in hurry, Balli comes there and tries to call him but he has already left by then. Omkar sits in car and thinks Mayura should not leave him this time. At railway station Mayura keeps getting flashbacks of her marriage with Omkar and starts falling sick. Omkar reaches railway station and inquires about Mayura on the ticket counter. The guy sees Mayura’s pic and says she didn’t come here, then Omkar shows Ashutosh pic and he confirms that Ashutosh had taken tickets for Ratlam and his train will leave in few minutes. Omkar panics and asks around about next station, someone suggests him to take bus. Omkar hears some bustle around of someone falling sick. He looks around confused.

Later Ashwaria informs Manjiri she wants to go to her mother’s house. Manjiri scolds her but she says she will come back as soon as Omkar comes back.

At hospital, Neel checks Mayura and says she will get fine. Ashutosh, Sulekha and Dadi are very worried. Neel tells them to go outside, Neel then starts telling Mayura to stop her acting now or else he will give her a big injection which will cause her lot of pain when it reaches her bone. He starts counting 1,2,…3 and Mayura immediately gets up. Mayura asks him how did he know she was acting , Neel says he understands her and then changes the topic. He says he will inform her family members as they are worried. However Mayura stops him. She says him how she had heard Sulekha and Dadi talking about never returning back to Bhopal.

Neel gets shocked and says that means she will leave Bhopal forever. He is disappointed. Mayura asks him why is he so tensed as if someone close to him is leaving, haven’t his patients left him before.

On other hand, Omkar meets an accident while hurrying to meet Mayura.
Mayura requests Neel to help her and lie to her parents about her health and let her stay in Bhopal for a while so that she can find out the truth. However, Neel denies her and says its against ethics of medical practice.

Omkar is injured and brought to same hospital. Someone says its an emergency case and tells them to call Dr. Neel. Omkar says to let him go to meet Mayura.

At hospital, Mayura emotionally thanks Neel for helping her always and says its fine if he doesn’t want to help her this time. She says she will inform her family by herself. Neel says her he will her because he needs to help his patients mentally too. She gets very happy and hugs him. Neel gets pleasantly shocked, and was about to hug her back but by then Mayura backs out. She asks him to go and explain the situation to her family so that they don’t get worried.

Neel informs Mayura’s family that he need to keep Mayura under observation for one day as her condition is bit worrisome as he fainted twice in same day. They ask if he can give medications for her and she can stay at home, he says its better to stay at hospital.

Someone calls Neel to check Omkar. Neel gets very worried when he sees its Omkar. Omkar keeps saying he needs to go and find his wife. Neel says him he is badly hurt and needs to relax. Omkar keeps murmuring that his wife will leave. Neel asks him to get CT scan done and later they will both search for his wife.

Mayura sneaks out of hospital room to eat something, she hears Omkar calling out Mayura. She thinks someone called her.
Omkar is struggling to walk but he keeps moving forward holding walls and is about to fall, but Mayura comes and holds his hand. Omkar gets shocked. Mayura recalls flashback of temple and gets panic attacks again. Mayura stammers and asks him if he is fine. She asks him who is he and why is he looking at her like this. Omkar asks her why is she asking like this and behaving like this. Mayura says he is very hurt and needs doctor’s help, she calls out for doctor. Omkar begs her not to say like this, he has hurt a lot but she can give him any punishment. He requests her not to say that she doesn’t recognise him, he tries to hold her. Mayura says whoever he is but he cannot touch her like this. Omkar get heartbroken and calls her Mayura. Mayura asks him how does he know her name?

Omkar gets close again, so Mayura pushes him away. Omkar keeps getting closer and says he is her Omkar. He asks her to look into his eyes and recognize him. He lovingly touches her but she slaps him.

Pinjara precap

Neel informs Omkar that due to accident Mayura lost some part of her memory. Omkar feels guilty and says he will inform Mayura about her past life.

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