Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 18th September 2020 Written Update: Omkar gets cage shaped mandap made

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 18th September 2020 Written Update on

Omkar presses Manjiri’s legs, she wakes up and asks what is he doing at night. He says Kundan escaped. Kundan is at Mayura’s come and wants to reveal Omkar’s truth but Omkar’s men get hold of him again, Manjiri shows this video to Omkar and he gets happy. She says she won’t let anyone come between him and his happiness. Tomorrow officially Mayura will be his.

Mayura asks her mother if she would be able to keep Omkar happy, he loves her a lot like he loves his mother. His father is also very good person, he called her beti. Piyush will also be there, she got a good friend in him. She is feeling tensed. Surekha says every bride will feel like this before marriage. She and Dadi give few tips to Mayura. Ashutosh also joins them. Megha sees everyone and gets jealous of Mayura.

Pandit calls Omkar and wishes him well for marriage, he tells to remember his words of Omkar will not get wife’s love. Omkar says its past, he drew fate lines on his hand. He thanks Pandit for calling. Marriage functions start and Manjiri asks Ashutosh is it same garland for her son and nephew. Ashutosh says both his daughters are equal to him, and both son-in-laws are also eqaul.

Piyush lightens the situation. Megha comes as bride, Sanjay praises her to be beautiful. She thanks him in sarcastic tone. Mayura comes as bride and Omkar gets mesmerized seeing her. Both the couples stand next to each other. Megha is about to sneeze and Omkar shouts and pulls Mayura to the side. Megha falls down due to Omkar’s sudden action. Mayura asks Omkar what did he do.

Omkar apologizes to Megha, he didn’t do it intentionally. Megha says its okay. Sanjay and Megha exchange garlands. Then Piyush teases to lift Omkar, but Omkar fears of Mayura falling down in these games. He bends down, Piyush praises his love. Mayura makes him wear garland. Mayura’s cousin brothers lift her to tease Omkar, Omkar gets angry seeing them touching Mayura. He makes her wear garland.

Mayura and family come to wedding mandap and get shocked seeing new mandap in place of mandap arranged by Ashutosh. Mayura worriedly asks Omkar why mandap is in shape of cage. Omkar says he got it made with lot of precautions so that she doesn’t catch any infection. Its for Megha-Sanjay. Mayura says its wrong. Omkar says he brought Sanjay’s proposal for Megha, why will he think bad for them. He tells Mayura that he cares a lot for her.