Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 19th October 2020 Written Update: Megha traps Mayura and Piyush in her plan.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 19th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manjhiri asking Omkar if artists have come to perform or not as all her friends are waiting to see, Omkar says Sanjay to tell , suddenly Mayura is seen dancing on the stage dressed as Goddess and Piyush disguised as Lord Shiva joins the performance. Omkar gets upset and angry seeing them performing together. He hears neighbours talking about how good Mayura and Piyush are looking together as Shiva and Shakti.

Omkar angrily leaves. He recalls Megha’s words about Mayura and Piyush’s closeness and keeps breaking things around. Mayura comes looking for Omkar and gets stunned seeing him so furious.She asks him if she did any mistake. He keeps breaking things and stops when one a piece is about to hurt Mayura.

Mayura says she is fine and asks Omkar why is he so angry. Omkar says her tomorrow is Puja and she still didnot make prasad and do all other necessary arrangements. She says everything will be done on time. Omkar says her as Manjhiri is sick he wanted Mayura to take responsibilities and she went to perform on stage with Piyush.
Mayura is worried and tells Piyush that Omkar is upset as all arrangements are not done. Piyush tells her not to worry and they start doing all works together.
Megha thinks she will spoil the puja tomorrow.

Mayura sees all the chunris are torn and gets shocked, she shows it to Piyush and wonder what to do now. Megha enters and tells them about some location where they can find it, she asks Mayura to go with Piyush so that they can easily and quickly bring the chunris. Mayura and Piyush leaves from home to go but Mayura tells him she is feeling uneasy about going outside. But Piyush assures her all be fine and they leave. Megha sees a pic of Omkar, Piyush and Mayura and cuts it and says their relation will also be like the pic after tonight. While Mayura and Piyush are getting chunris from the store, the door gets locked and both their phones don’t have network connection .

At home everyone is worried about where Mayura is and Megha instigates everyone against Mayura and Piyush saying they went outside stealthily. Omkar hears all this and gets furious. He keeps recalling their moments and Megha’s words..
He gets to know their location from his source and goes to bring them home. Omkar asks forgiveness from Goddess before leaving.
Manjhiri says Omkar has never left house like this barefooted during Navratri days. She blames Mayura and Piyush.

Mayura keeps crying and says Piyush she did big mistake by coming here and that she is afraid something big and bad will happen.

Omkar reaches the location and thinks Mayura brought his car…

Coming Up- 
Mayura sees fire alarm and tells Piyush about it, he tries to reach it but falls down on chair with Mayura. Omkar enters room with bleeding feet and sees them .

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