Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 1st April 2021 Written Update: Megha starts blackmailing Mayura.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 1st April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayura thanking Shankar for saving her from going away from Tara. Shankar tells they need to do something before Omkar takes some step. Mayura wonders why did Omkar doubt of Mayura being pari ma. Omkar’s men forcibly enters Mayura’s house and ask where is Mayura. Ashutosh tells them Mayura isn’t at home. They forcefully try to search inside the house. Mayura comes there and thinks Shankar sent her at correct time and made an excuse of nurse being sick infront of Manjiri. She starts acting as mentally ill infront of those goons. She holds the doll and says she is her daughter Tara and she won’t allow them to take her away.

Those men say Mayura that their boss has ordered them to bring her. They bring Mayura to secluded godown and tie her on chair. She struggles to escape. Omkar comes there and asks why they have tied her and opens her rope. He asks her how is she. Mayura says he separated her from her daughter for 5 years and still he is daring to come infront of her. Then she starts acting again and says she needs to go to home as her daughter is there. Omkar tells her to stop acting. He plays audios of Ashutosh and dadi being tortured by goons. Then he also plays Sulekha’s voice.

Mayura remembers that Sulekha isn’t at home which means those audios are just a trap by Omkar. She starts acting ill again and says her daughter is hungry so she needs to go. Ashutosh calls police and informs them that Omkar’s men has taken Mayura with them. Mayura acts infront of Omkar but he doesn’t believe her. His men bring the doll. Mayura says its her Tara. Omkar asks her to stop acting and sees dark color on her wrist. But before he could say anything she attacks Omkar and acts hysterically. Then she faints. Omkar calls a doctor and asks her to check Mayura’s condition. Doctor confirms that Mayura is going through mental distress and she gives her a sleeping injection . Omkar asks his men to safely leave Mayura back at her home.

At home Mayura gains consciousness and says she needs to go back as Omkar had seen black mark on her wrist and must be feeling suspicious. Omkar calls Manjiri and informs her that Mayura is sick and cannot plan anything against them. Manjiri tells him that Tara isnt eating anything as nurse Nayan isnt there. She says Nayan had fever so she sent her home. Omkar gets shocked after knowing this information. Mayura keeps feeling dizzy but insists on leaving. Megha sees Mayura disguised as Nayan but doesn’t recognize her. Sanjay calls her to inform about loss in investment. Megha sees black paint on wall and thinks what is it.

Omkar comes to Nisha’s house to check on Nayan but gets shocked to see Nayan is actually lying sick there. He thinks he will go mad because of Mayura. Nayan is about to leave when Megha comes there and stops her. She blackmails Mayura to give her money to keep the truth away from Omkar. Megha tells Mayura she needs atleast 40 lakhs as Sanjay did a big loss in his business. Megha tells her to get Omkar’s signature on some papers which will help Sanjay. Mayura declines to do anything wrong. Megha says if so she will tell everything to Omkar. Tara shows a drawing to Omkar. He asks her whom has she drawn, she says its Nayan and Nanaji. Omkar gets shocked and asks her lot of questions. Manjiri calms him down and sends Tara to room. Omkar gets tensed.

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