Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 1st March 2021 Written Update: Omkar turns obsessive for a baby like his old self

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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Spoiler: What will be Omkar's next step to stop the marriage?

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 1st March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayura saying her parents that the reports are normal and she is taking good care of herself. She says she is starting her homeopathic practice too. Mayura sees Omkar talking to someone. She says Sulekha that Omkar has lined up doctors for her.

Sulekha says the same to Ashutosh. Ashutosh says he gets worried when Omkar over does things. He feels old Omkar may come back. Sulekha asks him to stop worrying. She says Mayura is happy there and he also should be happy.

While doctor checks Mayura she says she is fine but Omkar asks her to let doctor do their work. Doctor checks her face and then tells to show leg, so that they can check skin for grafting on her scar. Mayura gets perplexed and asks what are they saying. Another doctor clicks her picture. Mayura asks them what are they doing and how is this connected to her baby. They say her that they have come here for doing her surgery.

Omkar says they are here to do plastic surgery so that the scar on her face is gone forever. Mayura shouts at them and tells them to leave. Omkar tells her to do the surgery and it will not have any side affect on their baby. Mayura cries and asks why did he lie to her that he has changed, why did he say her that he doesn’t care about her outer beauty. Omkar says she is most beautiful for him even with the scar. But she has to do surgery for their baby. Mayura is shocked.

Omkar says her that her mark is a bad omen for their baby. Everytime she sees her face in the mirror, it will have negative effect on the baby. On other side, Agrima devi tells that she nows Omkar is sensitive about his baby so she is taking benefit of the same. Mayura asks Omkar why is he suddenly believing in superstitious beliefs. Omkar says about Guru Ma. Mayura tries to say against her but Omkar says he and his family believes Ma a lot and he will follow her words. Mayura says she will not do any plastic surgery.

Omkar calls Agrima Devi and informs that Mayura isn’t listening to him. She manipulates him again. Omkar paints all the glasses black. Mayura gets shocked and ask him what is he doing. Mayura and Omkar have argument about the superstitious beliefs. Mayura asks if Omkar will again capture her in black cage to stop her from seeing her face in mirror. Omkar says he will do that too if necessary. Mayura gets startled at his changed behaviour. She says him that she is feeling suffocated and cannot stay here anymore.

Mayura calls Ashutosh and cries. She says she is coming back home. Ashutosh and Sulekha feel upset for Mayura. Omkar cries and asks Mayura to sit and talk to him instead of leaving. Mayura says he is blinded by superstitions. She asks him to leave her hand and goes. While she is about to leave she hears Omkar’s voice. He had fallen from staircase. Manjiri and Shankar also come back home.

Manjiri says Mayura why is she leaving Omkar in this condition. Mayura says she won’t be leaving till Omkar gets well.
Shankar asks about black paint on the mirrors. Mayura says its because of Agrima devi. Shankar asks Omkar not to believe all this and Mayura’s happiness is more important. Manjiri says this time Shankar is correct. He should take her of her happiness the most. Omkar again asks for forgiveness from Mayura. Mayura accepts it and hugs Omkar.
Its shown Omkar had himself fell from stairs to stop Mayura from leaving.

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