Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 1st October 2020 Written Update: Omkar is worried about Mayura’s health

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 1st October 2020 Written Update  on

The episode starts with Omkar is changing and Mayura gets mesmerized by seeing him. She gives him Flying Kiss and flirts with him. After she leaves, Omkar remembers how a woman had said that the beauty of a woman fades while serving her husband and family after marriage.

He says that this is the reason he is not even touching Mayura so that her beauty does not fade like other women. There, Piyush tries to find something out of the video. Then he gets a message of Asutosh in which he asks him if he came to know anything.

Piyush replays to his message, in which he says that he will find out very soon. While Omkar is present there and hears his voice message. He sends Piyush from there with some excuse and removes the bathroom footage from the video. He says that no matter how much Piyush tries now, he will not be able to find anything.

Further Omkar dreams  in which he sees that Mayura is going away from him and he gets nervous. He thinks that he has saw this dream in the morning and as the morning dream comes true, then he will have to do something for it.

 Later Omkar gets involved in the work of the meeting. Piyush asks him why he has organized the meeting at home. He says so that he can give time to Mayura. Piyush smiles. Then Manjari comes there. She asks Piyush to call Sanjay and curses Sanjay for delaying on the important day. Omkar tells her to calm down.

Manjari then informs him that Guruji will come today. Omkar asks why. She tells him to bless him and Mayura. At the same time Mayura comes there but suddenly faints. Omkar gets nervous, he calls the doctor. The doctor arrives and examines Mayura. Omkar asks what has happened to Mayura.

She tells that Mayura is tired due to the wedding functions and faints due to tiredness. Omkar says that it is his fault that he did not take care of Mayura. Manjari says that it is not his fault because he has always taken care of Mayura. She adds that Omkar is the best husband.

Then Manjari gets to know that Guruji has come. Manjari goes to him. She tells Guruji that Omkar is not stable since marriage and repeatedly worries that something goes wrong. Guruji says that he had already informed her that there is a beautiful girl in his destiny but she will never stay with him.

Manjari asks him to solve this problem. Guruji says that he will create a question chart in which he can only answer the question but they will have to remedy it. Piyush comes to Omkar and says that Guruji is here and he needs to go to meet Guruji. Omkar says but Mayura.

Piyush says he will take care of Mayura. Piyush tells Mayura to get well soon so that Omkar’s anxiety is reduced.

Guruji tells Omkar that he has come to know through the question horoscope that Mayura is not in his fate. He says that Mayura will not be able to stay in his life because she is like a free bird whom no cage can capture. Omkar says that he will not allow Mayura to separate from him. Episode end.

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