Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 1st September 2020 Written Update: Mayura doesn’t approve of her marriage with Omkar

Pinjara Khubsurti 1st September 2020 Written Update on

Manjiri puts the lemon at their entrance, she says the servants to break the lemon after they leave, all the bad sight will go away. She puts the pot on her head and starts to leave. Mayura puts the pot on her head to welcome Kundan and family. She stops them and playfully asks money for the entry. Lemon falls out due to air, servants worry if anything bad will happen.

Megha is worrying and Mayura assures her everything will be alright. She says to trust her gut feeling. She says her not to get tensed, its not neighbours day, not the day for past, its her day, she should not care about anything else and be happy.

Omkar feels its his and Mayura’s day, he dreams of her in bridal dress. He gets Piyush’s message and replies to come soon, he is missing him.

Mayura gets Megha down, her family hug her and make her sit beside Kundan. Megha, Kundan stare at each other lovingly and Mayura teases them. Mayura gets teary eyed remembering her fights with Megha, her Mom asks what happened, she says these are happy tears. She clicks pics of Megha, Kundan. Megha asks her to come to take selfie, she makes Mayura sit between her and Kundan and they take selfies. Mayura feels her didi suffered a lot because of her and it won’t happen from now. Mayura and few girls dance. Megha and Kundan also join the dance.

Manjiri and Omkar arrive at Mayura’s home. She asks him about the decoration. He tells its Mayura’s sisters shagun. She asks why they came today then. He says u said its good day today and it will be double happiness for Mayura’s family and they move ahead. Few ladies recognize Sangmarmar Sartaaj and see they have come for Mayura’s hand. They feel Mayura is so lucky.

Mayura stands on stool to take group selfie of all. She sees Omkar in phone and slips down. Omkar holds her. She gets shocked and asks to leave her. Omkar takes blessings of Mayura’s mother and father. They all are clueless. He calls Mayura’s father Papa and calls his mother to come inside. She comes with the pot and puts it on shagun’s pot.

She gives diamond necklace to Megha and gold watch to Kundan. She tells Mayura, her fate is written by golden pen as Omkar liked her in first sight. Mayura and her parents are shocked. Manjiri tells them to be happy as Sangmarmar Sartaaj came their house with marriage proposal. His beautiful life has place only for a beautiful girl like her. Manjiri tells Pandit to do Omkar and Mayura’s shagun today. Dadi is happy. Omkar sits on chair, Mayura goes there and tells she doesn’t agree for this marriage.