Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 22nd December 2020 Written Update: Ashwaria challenges Mayura to save Omkar from her plans.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 22nd December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ashwaria entering the washroom and sees Mayura and Omkar staring at each other. She asks what are they doing like this. She starts her acting and says why she didn’t die before seeing this. Ashwaria asks Omkar if he still loves Mayura. Omkar holds Mayura’s hands harshly and asks her to shut up. He tells her that he hates her, he used to love her beauty and now that beauty is gone he doesn’t like her anymore.

Omkar ties Mayura’s mouth and Ashwaria drags Omkar outside with herself. Mayura tries to stop Omkar and thinks his life is in danger and she has to save him. At home, Manjiri says she will do prayers for Omkar’s safety. Omkar is sitting and keeps recalling romantic moments with Mayura as well as her words keeps ringing in his head.

Ashwaria plans something and thinks she can’t fight against Omkar alone but if he is intoxicated and stumbles upon rock gets hurt, she won’t be responsible for it.
Manjiri and Shankar do prayer for Omkar’s safety. Ashwaria trickly starts making Omkar drink more and more alcohol.
She thinks once he is drunk she can carry out her plan. Mayura struggles to come out from the washroom.

While praying, there is a bad omen as the fire gets extinguished, both Shankar and Manjiri gets shocked.Manjiri gets worried about Omkar’s safety . She says to goddess that if anything happens to Omkar, she will sacrifice her life. Ashwaria starts dancing sensually on Ang Laga de and keeps feeding more alcohol to Omkar. He gets completely drunk and Ashwaria somehow makes him stumble upon the pipe but before he could fall on the rock and get hurt, Mayura comes there on time and places a soft bed on the rock so Omkar doesn’t get hurt.

Mayura calls Omkar and says if he is fine. Ashwaria starts acting again and says it’s nice that Mayura came there and saved Omkar or else something terrible may have happened. Mayura tells her that she left a knife in the bathroom which helped her to come out. Ashwaria recalls how she was about to attack Omkar by throwing knife at him but she stumbled and got pushed in the bathroom and knife fell in the bucket. Mayura used that knife to cut the cloth tied to her hands.

Ashwaria says she didnt do anything. Mayura says her to stop acting. She says she understood late but she knows Ashwaria is eager to become Omkar’s widow but she should remember that Mayura is Omkar’s legal wife. Ashwaria asks her what’s her problem why does she keep coming in between Omkar and her. Mayura says because she knows to maintain relationships. Ashwaria says Mayura wants the luxuries of Omkar’s mansion so she is doing this. Mayura tells her she had warned him before about not marrying Omkar but she is blind for his property. She says she won’t let anything happen to Omkar till her revenge is done and he apologises to her.

Ashwaria threatens Mayura. Mayura accepts Ashwaria’s challenge. Omkar is still lying unconscious. In hotel room Omkar is on bed, while Ashwaria and Mayura are standing there. Mayura taunts Ashwaria and says she won’t leave Omkar alone with her. In unconscious state, Omkar holds Mayura’s hand. He keeps mumbling that he hates her. Ashwaria attacks Manish and gets hyper. Manish calms her down.

The next morning after Omkar wakes up, he again taunts Mayura and asks her to leave. Ashwaria starts her acting. Mayura asks Omkar to drink lots of water to prevent dehydration. Omkar tells her to leave. Mayura calls someone and says she has planned something against Ashwaria.
Precap Mayura tries to show Ashwaria ‘s reality to Omkar.

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