Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 22nd September 2020 Written Update: Ashutosh is worried for Mayura

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 22nd September 2020 Written Update on

Mayura tensedly asks Omkar how did the fencing come here, who did it. Omkar stays silent, Manjiri comes and says she got the fencing done. She calls them for rituals.

Ashutosh is in messy state, Surekha asks what did he see during Saath Pheras that made him so afraid. He is feeling uneasy and doubtful about Omkar. He comes to hospital to see the boys, doctor says someone did it intentionally. Ashutosh feels he doesn’t have any proofs against Omkar, its all his doubts and imaginations.

Mayura is dull and Omkar asks if he should stop all these rituals, Mayura says No, Manjiri maa arranged it all with love, they can’t deny it. Then Omkar asks her to smile. Manjiri says whoever picks the key in pot, they will have power in their relation.

Omkar and Mayura start the game, Omkar tries to make Mayura win but Manjiri notices it and laughingly says no cheating. Omkar wins the game. Manjiri tells Mayura that key to her life is in Omkar’s hands now, she has to follow all his words. Mayura and Omkar stare at each other lovingly.

Ashutosh calls Mayura and asks if she is fine , she says everything is good here. She asks if he talked to Megha, how is she. He says he spoke to Megha, she is fine. He again asks Mayura is she is fine, she asks what happened, why is he asking like that, he says nothing. Manjiri calls Mayura, she disconnects call with her father saying Maa ji called.

Manjiri asks if she was talking to her maykevala, Mayura expression changes. She says she is just teasing her and tells about first night. Mayura feels usually girls push newly wedded to room, there is no one here. Piyush comes and says he will push her if needed. She says she is lucky to get a friend like him in Sasural. She goes inside.

Megha is waiting to Sanjay and gets a message from Mayura that she is missing her and asks how is she. Sanjay comes.

Omkar gifts her a chain, she loves it as its locker is in shape of free bird. She tells him sorry as she didn’t gift him anything. He says he already got his gift in the form of her. She blushes. Both have romantic moments and suddenly Omkar notices a scar on her neck. He gets shocked and asks how is it here, it was not there few minutes back. She sees it in mirror and says its normal allergy. He says its not normal and they have to go hospital right now.