Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 23rd February 2021 Written Update: Neel forcefully takes Mayura and her family with him.

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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Spoiler: Is this the end to growing closeness of Omkar and Mayura ?

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 23rd February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayura angrily leaving from room. Neel thinks its good that he had seen Mayura and Omkar coming and taken Kundan away from the room. Mayura again scolds Omkar and says its her mistake to trust him once again. Omkar confesses to Mayura about his past deeds, about how he kidnapped Kundan and sent the false letter on his behalf because he had thought Kundan had bad intentions towards Mayura.
Neel thinks he had replaced Kundan with ward boy and he will answer every move of Omkar.

Mayura gets very angry at Omkar after his confession. She says now he cannot separate her from Neel and she will marry him at any cost. She says she has to go home as everyone must have been discharged and gone back to home. Neel taunts Omkar and asks if he won’t congratulate him for marriage. Neel tells him Mayura will be his wife only for short period of time.

After Omkar leaves, Neel behaves like a pyscho and hurts both his hands with glass bottle and smirks while sitting on bench. Neel comes to Mayura’s home with his injuries and faints saying Omkar did all this. Mayura treats his wounds and he acts again. Mayura says Neel that once her marriage with Omkar is invalid, she wants to have a simple wedding with him in the temple. Omkar talks to lawyer and says he need to find proof against Neel.

Omkar comes to temple and prays to goddess to help him unreveal Neel’s truth infront of Mayura. He prays diligently. At Mayura’s home, she sees Neel’s phone fallen down, she picks it up and sees a message on it saying there is something urgent about his brother.

Mayura gets shocked realizing Neel had lied to her about not having siblings. She receives the call and someone says Dr Neel to shift his brother Kundan elsewhere as Omkar’s men are keeping eye on the hospital. Mayura drops the phone in shock. Mayura cries and recalls how Neel had made her sign the papers. Mayura cries and calls Omkar but he doesn’t receive the call as he cannot hear the ringtone due to temple’s bell.

Mayura keeps trying to call Omkar but Neel comes and throws the phone.

Mayura charges him about lying and that he is Kundan’s brother and is here to take revenge. Everyone gets shocked. Neel admits his truth infront of everyone. He says he will not only destroy Omkar but also Mayura. His man come and points gun towards everyone. Neel warns them that if he can hurt himself to get closer to Mayura, how badly he can harm her family. He tells her that now court has approved those papers which she signed so her marriage with Omkar is invalid. He says he will forcefully marry her.

Omkar sees the missed calls from Mayura and gets shocked. Neel takes everyone inside the ambulance. Mayura warns him not to do this.. She asks him to leave her family members out of the revenge game.

Omkar reaches Mayura’s home and sees its empty. Neighbour informs him that they left in ambulance with Dr Neel. Omkar realizes this must be big plan of Neel. Mayura thinks Omkar will definitely come to search for her and drops her ornaments on the way to give him clues. Omkar sees Mayura’s locket while passing by the road. He thinks he will reach Mayura.

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