Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 23rd July 2021 Written Update: Mayura tries to convince Omkar about past

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 23rd July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sachin asking Mayura why is she standing against him. She says she is just standing with the locality people. Omkar also comes there. While Omkar and Mayura are talking, Sachin’s men snatches sword from Mayura and attack Omkar. But Mayura comes in between. Omkar gets hyper and starts beating them up. Naina sees this and gets shocked seeing Omkar losing control over himself. Sachin drags Mayura back to home. Mahesh scolds her and asks Bela to make sure Mayura doesn’t leave house anymore.

Omkar recalls the incident and thinks he should focus on his studies. He opens his book and finds an envelope. Mayura tells Dai Ma when she went to Omkar’s room, she left some clues about past so that he can remember everything. Omkar opens it and finds some pics of Jabalpur, Sangemarmar Sartaj and Goddess Narmada. He gets flashback of past and feels disturbed as he recalls what Mayura had said about rebirth.

Meanwhile Vishakha plucks rose petals and thinks if Mayura is same as past or this is just a coincidence. Mayura sees shadow of someone passing by her room and gets scared. Its Omkar who had come there. He says he came to return the envelope. Mayura asks if he remembered everything.

Omkar tells her to stop repeating and he doesn’t believe in all this. He sees her injury from sword and asks why she didn’t apply ointment and it may get infected. Mayura says why is he being so worried about her and why did he lose control when he saw her getting hurt. Omkar’s mother and Naina are worried about him, she lights earthen lamp and prays to Lord Ganesha. But the lamp blows off making them more scared. Mahesh and Sachin enter Mayura’s room and asks Omkar what is he doing there. Mayura holds Omkar and tells her father not to take him anywhere. Mahesh promises her not to hurt Omkar. Mayura is nervous about the happening.

Bela locks Mayura’s room door from outside and recalls how they had already planned everything. Mahesh and Sachin are talking to Omkar in hall and Mayura gets shocked seeing police coming there. Mahesh alleges Omkar of attacking on Mayura and asks police to arrest him. Omkar denies the allegations but police doesn’t listen to him. Mayura feels helpless as she cannot come out of her room. At police station Omkar tries to explain his situation but policeman shows him a statement paper and tells its given by Mayura. He gets shocked.

At home, Dai Ma tells Mahesh that Mayura never got the love she always wanted from him. He shouts at her and tells her to be in limits. Mahesh talks to Vishakha about chemical factory and she asks him about meeting Mayura. The episode ends with Mayura crying helplessly in her room while Omkar and Vishakha’s faces are also shown parallely.

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