Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 24th February 2021 Written Update: Omkar marries Mayura again.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 24th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayura and her family members tied up on chairs by Neel, he drops flower petals on everyone. Mayura cries badly. Ashutosh says Neel they had trusted him so much. Neel says he had made them believe him. Mayura shouts at Neel for saving her life just to fulfill his revenge game. Neel gets hysterical and says he has been burning in fire of revenge and will finally get it. Mayura says him no one will be benefited by revenge. Neel says he will and tells Mayura that Omkar can never reach here. He says he knows she had been dropping her belongings on the way but by now his men would have already hurt Omkar.

It’s shown that Neel’s man throws nails in Omkar’s way due to which his car’s tyre get punctured and loses balance, car gets banged against tree trunk and Omkar gets hurt on the head. Neel warns Mayura and says he won’t kill Omkar but make his condition worse than life. He asks Mayura to get ready for marriage. He shows the marriage pandap which is in Pinjara’s design. Mayura gets beyond shocked. She begs Neel not to marry her.

Neel says he won’t marry her, but his brother will. He brings Kundan on wheelchair and says Mayura he is her to be groom. Mayura cries out loud and begs Neel not to do this sin. Neel says Omkar had blamed Kundan for keeping bad eye on Mayura. So he will make it true by making Mayura marry Kundan.

He asks the lady to take Mayura and dress her up. Mayura throws the bridal wear and says she won’t wear it. The lady shows her that her family members are kept at gun point by Neel’s men. So she forcefully gets ready. Neel calls his goon and asks him to check on Omkar as he don’t want him to die. The goon goes closer to car, Omkar hits him. Its shown Omkar is wearing Mayura’s locket which she had dropped on the way.

Omkar beats up the goons and threatens them to inform where is Neel. Goon attacks Omkar again and makes him unconscious. Neel shows unconscious Omkar to Mayura on videocall. Mayura begs him to leave him Omkar. She is doing everything according to him. Neel asks her to stop crying. He hurts her and emotionally blackmails her to smile.

He takes Mayura to mandap. Priest asks bride’s mother to do aarti, but Ashutosh throws away the plate. Neel’s men attack Ashutosh and hurt him badly. Sulekha unwillingly does the aarti. Priest asks everyone to chant OM. Mayura starts chanting Om continuously. Neel tries to stop her but suddenly lights start flickering. Neel’s goon come and inform him that Neel has gone to call police.

Neel asks priest to start the pheras. Mayura says she won’t marry. The goons start hitting Ashutosh. Mayura panics and says she will marry Kundan. They start taking the marriage rounds. Ashutosh begs Mayura to stop. Sulekha and dadi request Neel to stop this sin. Mayura silently prays for Omkar to come in time.

Only last round is left, Mayura looks on. Priest asks groom to fill bride’s hairline and make her wear the mangalsutra to complete the marriage. Neel tries to help his brother but gets shocked when Omkar speaks up. Flashback is shown how Omkar threatened goon with knife and interchanged place with Kundan. He smiles at Mayura.
Kundan is beyond shocked. Mayura also smiles happily. Omkar fills Mayura’s hairline and picks up mangalsutra, Neel tries to stop Omkar but Mayura shoves him away with firestick.

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